Scoopshot: Sports Action

Scoopshot: Sports Action


Scoopshot: Sports Action


Scoopshot of the week

USA TODAY High School Sports, in conjunction with Scoopshot, is launching a photography series in which anyone can see their work published here. Scoopshooters will be asked to send entertaining, high school sport-related tasks and we’ll feature the photo each week that we think best completed the task.

Scoopshot is an application with which a photo task is sent to a target area and Scoopshooters in that area with the application on their phone respond to the task by snapping the photos to meet the task. Those photos are gathered into a gallery, and can be purchased. You can download the application on your smartphone.

We had some great “Sports Action” submissions this week. Some shots would have been selected if they’d contained a description of who was playing, or if the action shot had been slightly less burry.

It’s tough to get a crisp shot on a mobile phone, and, a little blur won’t disqualify a shot from being purchased if everything else is in place.

The title shot comes to us from Jessica Woodward of Cherry Valley, CA. The Beaumont Cougars football captains line up for their game against Citrus Valley. Citrus Valley would go on to win a gritty 30-17 game, but you can tell by the photo that the Beaumont Couger players compete with pride for their school. Every team can’t win every week, but, every team can practice hard, walk tall, and never stop.

The shot below comes to us from Takoma, WA. Manola Secaira, a student reporter for our first USA TODAY HSS Journalism Website, took this photo for her school, Bellarmine Preparatory School. It’s a good shot of pre-game sideline action. Jeanne Hanigan, English I, AP Composition, & Journalism Teacher for Bellarmine, has been prepping her students for real world sports journalism and website management. If your school is interested in working with USA TODAY High School Sports to run a free sports journalism website, contact Suzanne Schwerer-Yamrozik.

scoopshot-9331-4165 Manola-Secaira

scoopshot-6188-5181 -Barbara-Palomba-Kelly-Rhoades
Our third selection comes from the Megatron Wrestling Qualifier at Gila Ridge High School in Yuma, AZ. Barbara Palomba-Kelly Rhoades submitted this photo featuring a crisp action shot of two wrestlers competing. This double elimination event took place on September 7th, 2013.

All of the photos that we chose this week ranked high on the Scoopshot Authentication meter, featured clear action or dramatic poses, and contained some detail by which we could research the event.

Congratulations to our Scoopshooters of the Week!

Check out the rest of the submissions below:

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We’ll feature at least shot each week, so, grab your mobile phones and get ready for the next Scoopshot task.


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Scoopshot: Sports Action

Scoopshot of the week

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