Scoopshot: Ultimate Athlete

Scoopshot: Ultimate Athlete


Scoopshot: Ultimate Athlete


Scoopshot of the week

USA TODAY High School Sports, in conjunction with Scoopshot, launched a photography series in which anyone could see their work published here. Scoopshooters were asked to send entertaining, high school sport-related photos that addressed each week’s Scoopshot task and we featured the photos each week that we thought best completed the task. Click any photo to view all the submissions to this Scoopshot task.

This week’s task asked you to send us a photo representing an ultimate athlete at your high school.

Our feature shot comes from Alex Axlund’s phone, but, I’m not sure who took the photo, since the subject is Alex Axlund, a Defensive Back from Valor Christian High School in Littleton, CO. This task called for photos of the Ultimate Athlete and I liked the way Alex stepped up.

Why can an athlete from Valor Christian stake a claim to being an ultimate high school athlete? Valor Christian won multiple back-to-back state titles, so, why not?

Hopefully Alex is entered in our upcoming Ultimate Athlete competition which pits competitors from all around the United States against each other in an X-Factor style vote.

ultimateathlete 2 small
Another solid submission comes from Allyson Switzer. She sends a good photo, but a great write up of what’s going on in the photo, which is why I chose it over some others.

She writes, “Number seven [is] waiting on a snap. [He’s the] starting quarterback for Socastee High School in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The senior was selected to the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas-and has a 3.43 GPA. This team has won region championship 2 seasons in a row, and currently 2 games away from state championship game.”

It sounds like the Braves have a well rounded leader on the field.

Good luck Socastee.

Keep up the great work.

Congratulations to our Scoopshooters of the Week, and check out the rest of the gallery below.


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We’ll feature at least shot each week, so, grab your mobile phones and get ready for the next Scoopshot task.


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