Soccer players combine the skills of all sports in one

Soccer players combine the skills of all sports in one

Ultimate Athlete

Soccer players combine the skills of all sports in one


Peyton Kent, a senior on the Souhegan (Amherst, N.H.) girls soccer team, makes a compelling case that soccer produces the Ultimate Athlete. Souhegan and Kent host Sanborn Regional (Kingsport, N.H.) tonight for Senior Night.

The game of soccer is a combination of several other sports and needs the speed, strength, endurance and mental toughness of all sports combined.

There are elements of basketball in the fast break and outlet passing, as well as the quick burst of speed in baseball and the change of speed of football. In addition, it involves the jumping of volleyball and the strength of shielding off the defenders like lacrosse. It involves the quick thinking of a tennis player and the strategy of timing like a hockey player. The endurance of a cross country runner is necessary, as is the technical sound skill of a golfer.

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A soccer player must be all sports in one, but the most amazing fact of all is that soccer players do not have the coaches' fingerprints on the game because there are no timeouts. The game is the longest running, uninterrupted time of play of any sport and essentially it is a player's game because so much of the decision making is in their hands.

Soccer players produce the ultimate athletes and the many greats of the sport are evidence of that.

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