Something about scars

Something about scars

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Something about scars


It was just a normal, routine play. A slide that I had attempted a million times before. What I didn’t know beforehand was that it would change my entire life. Again.

My varsity softball team, ranked number one in Oregon for 3A, was playing our rival school. My coach, being the offensive-based man that he is, gave the sign to steal. On the pitch, I took off full-force, pushing as hard as possible to third base. It was one of those incidents where you don’t think, you just do. As I slid into third, my ankle wedged itself between the ground and base. I screamed in agony, hearing the crack of a bone breaking.

As I lay in the dirt screaming, everything slowed down. My coach was standing over me, looking helpless. The opposing team was no longer cheering. My teammates were crying. The only thought in my head and only words coming out of my mouth were: “Please not again. No. Not again.” That’s right, again. What seemed like déjà vu, was actually the horrifying truth. I had broken my ankle for the second time that year, the same way I’d done it the first time – sliding.

Since I broke my ankle and bent the titanium plate that was already in my leg, another surgery was a must. I was in such a dark place. I had already been through all of this before. I remembered the heartbreak of having to sit out, the sadness that overcame me. I had so many plans for this summer – like playing traveling ball to showcase my talents. How were the scouts ever going to see me now? One of the worst realizations was that I wasn’t going to get to win the state championship with my team.

Finally, I realized that I had already made a comeback once before. I have an amazing support system of family, friends, and the community. I have faith and drive and can set my mind to anything. I would use these setbacks to push me even harder. I will succeed and I will be great. There is something beautiful about scars. “A scar simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.” I’m proud of my large scar on my ankle. It reminds me every day that I’m not letting my injury ruin me.

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Something about scars
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