South Hunterdon's Shaffer running again, finishes 2nd in Fall Classic race

South Hunterdon's Shaffer running again, finishes 2nd in Fall Classic race


South Hunterdon's Shaffer running again, finishes 2nd in Fall Classic race



A severe injury would likely keep a cross country runner from ever being competitive, but that wasn’t the case Saturday for South Hunterdon High School sophomore Kelly Shaffer, who placed second in the varsity girls ‘B’ race in the Fall Classic at Thompson Park.

“My shins started hurting last spring,” Shaffer said. “At first I thought it was shin splints but the pain started to get more localized.”

The injury would keep Shaffer from training for two months, and while the time off helped, the pain from the injury still remained.

“I came back in August and the pain was better,” said Shaffer, “but it was definitely still there.”

The resulting pain would keep Shaffer out for an extra two weeks to start the season. Since then, she has been training with minimal pain, and has started to race competitively once more.

Although she finished second in a time of 19:47, Shaffer was pleased with her efforts and the course that greatly tested her abilities. Metuchen’s Rachel Suss won the race in 19:40.

“The course is great,” said Shaffer, “It’s really flat for the first two miles … it was the finishing kick where she (Suss) caught me.”

Coming back from an injury is never an easy thing, but Shaffer looks to keep it in stride as she eases into competitive racing once more.

“I felt good for the first and second miles,” Shaffer said, “She was closing in and I was trying to run faster but my body wouldn’t let me, so it was hard. That part wasn’t fun, especially since she beat me, but that’s okay, it was a fun race.”




TOP TEAMS: 1. South Brunswick 43; 2. Old Bridge 112; 3. Princeton 116; 4. J.P. Stevens 123; 5. Notre Dame 204.

TOP INDIVIDUALS: 1. Tommy Teachen (Hopewell Valley) 16:11; 2. Panth Patel (J.P. Stevens) 16:33; 3. James Hampsey (Metuchen) 16:36; 4. Jacob Rist (Princeton) 16:38; 5. Nicholas Neville (South Brunswick) 16:40; 6. Brandon D’Souza (St. Joesephs Metuchen) 16:43; 7. Matthew Zamorski (South Brunswick) 16:43; 8. Conor Donahue (Princeton) 16:45; 9. Shaun VanBuskirk (Old Bridge) 16:46; 10. Kyle McCann (South Brunswick) 16:48.


TOP TEAMS: 1. Metuchen 65; 2. Monmouth Regional 81; 3. Bordentown 93; 4. Dunellen 104; 5. Mater Dei 105.

TOP INDIVIDUALS: 1. Mark Tattory (Delran) 17:05; 2. James Poandl (Metuchen) 17:09; 3. Danny Buccino (Dunellen) 17:20; 4. Michael Whalen (Montmouth Regional) 17:31; 5. Ian Graham (Delran) 17:42; 6. Val Vadino (St. Josephs-Hammonton) 17:52; 7. Tom Mongeau (Mater Dei) 18:03; 8. Jonathan Linden (St. Josephs-Hammonton) 18:18; 9. James Evans (South Hunterdon) 18:19; 10. Matthew Schilke (Monmouth Regional) 18:30.


TOP TEAMS: 1. Jackson Memorial 64; 2. Middletown South 73; 3. Freehold Township 98; 4. Princeton 125; 5. Old Bridge 131.

TOP INDIVIDUALS : 1.Grace Dwyer (Hamilton North) 18:32; 2. Rachel Belmont (Old Bridge) 19:23; 3. Abagail Faith (Freehold Township) 19:36; 4. Haley Mahn (Hopewell Valley) 19:36; 5. Shanna O’Mara (Old Bridge) 19:44; 6. Cassidy Weimer (Middletown South) 19:45; 7. Alivia Carlton (Jackson Memorial) 19:47; 8. Christi Rutkowski (Middletown South) 20:01; 9. Cassandra Collimore (Jackson Memorial) 20:05; 10. Lou Miahle (Princeton) 20:06.


TOP TEAMS: 1. Metuchen 47; 2. Point Pleasant Boro 61; 3. Monmouth Regional 91; 4. Delran 106; 5. Dunellen 135.

TOP INDIVIDUALS: 1. Rachel Suss (Metuchen) 19:40; 2. Kelly Shaffer (South Hunterdon) 19:47; 3. Anne Skimmons (Point Pleasant Boro) 20:11; 4. Gabby Devito (Monmouth Regional) 20:33; 5. Brianna Davis (Metuchen) 20:48; 6. Megan Lindstrom (Monmouth Regional) 21:01; 7. Katie Bragen (Point Pleasant Boro) 21:16; 8. Maddie Tattory (Delran) 21:22; 9. Lyla Kaul (Metuchen) 21:31; 10. Kristina Lignell (Metuchen) 21:42.


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