Spine fracture fails to sideline Deer Valley hurdler Alex Tyra

Spine fracture fails to sideline Deer Valley hurdler Alex Tyra


Spine fracture fails to sideline Deer Valley hurdler Alex Tyra


Alex Tyra was told by a doctor a month ago that her track and field season was over.

“I went to the doctor and found out I had a fracture in my lower spine,” the Deer Valley senior said. “I was told my season was going to be over and I wasn’t going to compete at all.”

But, after wearing a back brace for two weeks, Tyra emerged this past weekend and competed in the 100-meter hurdles at the Greenway Invitational.

Just getting back to compete is a huge accomplishment for the hurdler, who has come a long way in the track and field event she loves since she began doing it as a freshman.

“I’ve come out and feeling like I haven’t lost anything,” she said. “I feel really good. … Everything is fine in my back.”

Trya doesn’t let anything get her down.

She has always been self-motivated, whether it is acing an advanced-placement course or shaving seconds off her hurdles time.

Since working a couple of times a week with personal coach Erwin Jones last year, Tyra has shaven two seconds off her time.

With only a month left in the season, Tyra believes she can qualify for state.

“A lot of people are surprised I’m even running,” she said.

Trya was just edged out of getting to the state finals in the 100 hurdles last year. Her goals are lofty.

“I’m planning on running in the low-15s (seconds) and getting to the state finals,” Tyra said. “At least get in the top three.”

That would be a huge comeback for a girl who sits at the top of her senior class with a 4.60 grade-point average, taking AP courses.

“My parents emphasized good grades, but I don’t think they had those expectations,” Tyra said. “I’ve always been sort of driven in that area. I’ve been like that since elementary school.”

Tyra said she recently was accepted into Pepperdine where she said she will receive $45,000 for a combined academic-athletic scholarship.

She said she also has applied for a scholarship at the University of Arizona.

She wants to study business and psychology in college.

Jones believes Tyra’s hard work in the classroom carries over to the track. He is not surprised to see her back on the track after being told a month ago her season was done.

“Alex is a real hard worker,” Jones said. “It’s been a real progression with her. Her reflexes are back, and she’s ready to roll.”

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