The Breakfast Buzz - Dylan Cease

The Breakfast Buzz - Dylan Cease

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The Breakfast Buzz - Dylan Cease


Introducing … Dylan Cease

School: Milton (Ga.)

Sport: Baseball

Year in school: Class of 2014

My dream job, outside of being a professional athlete, would be … I don’t have a dream job outside of being a pro athlete

If you’d see my iPod, you’d find … everything besides dubstep

I currently drive a … ’66 Mustang

Dylan Cease credit Duane Farkas Photography
Someday, I’d like to be driving a …
Audi R8

The best part about my hometown is… the nature

My dream city to be living in 10 years from now is … I’d be happy anywhere

The ultimate compliment is when I get compared with … I don’t really get compared to anyone

If I could be teammates with one pro athlete in any sport, it’d be…Matt Harvey

If I could meet anybody, it would be … Justin Timberlake

The website I can’t live without is … Twitter

The greatest meal ever is … Chipotle

Best movie of all-time is … Forest Gump

My can’t-miss TV show is … “Shark Week”

My favorite pro team is … Atlanta Braves

Worst thing about pro sports is … the traveling

Best uniforms in sports belong to … Boston Red Sox

One thing my coach always says that I’ll never forget … “keep it simple”

I will consider myself a success when I … make it to the Major Leagues

If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d buy is … a nice car

If I could tell one person thanks, it would be … my parents for raising me

-Sarah Gearhart

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OK, so two things: How in the world did Randall Cunningham Jr. clear 7 feet, 3.25 inches in the Nevada state championship last spring and how can I be down?

I’m just saying; I only need a small portion of his hops to pull-off some creative dunks during my weekly pickup games.

That’s right; today’s “What I’m Thinking” is just a little bit selfish.

Think about it; Cunningham, a senior quarterback at Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas), could jump over Shaquille O’Neal’s bald head.

Am I the only one resenting him for this? Did I really just admit that?

OK, I digress, but read more about Cunningham and how he’s managed to step out of his father, former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham’s shadow.


“Reading! I’m reading Coach K’s book, a book about Hakeem Olajuwon… I’m just reading everything right now!” – Prime Prep (Dallas) forward Elijah Thomas

– Jason Jordan


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The Breakfast Buzz - Dylan Cease

Introducing … Dylan Cease

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