The Breakfast Buzz - Isaiah Briscoe

The Breakfast Buzz - Isaiah Briscoe

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The Breakfast Buzz - Isaiah Briscoe


Introducing … Isaiah Briscoe

School: St. Benedict’s Prep (Newark, N.J.)

Sport: Basketball

Year: Sophomore

My dream job, outside of being a professional athlete, would be … A basketball coach.

If you’d see my iPod, you’d find … A little Kendrick Lamar and a little Chief Keef.

I currently drive a … Too young to drive.

Someday, I’d like to be driving a … A Crossfire.

The best part of my hometown is … The love that people show here.

My dream city to be living in 10 years from now is … I’d have to say Miami.

Isaiah Briscoe
The ultimate compliment is when I get compared with …
Deron Williams, Tyreke Evans and Jamal Crawford. Plus, my cousin Kyrie Irving

If I could be teammates with one pro athlete in any sport, it’d be …. Nick Young.

If I could meet anybody, it would be … P Diddy.

The websites I couldn’t live without are …

The greatest meal ever is … Macaroni and cheese.

Best movie of all-time is … Love and Basketball.

My can’t-miss TV show is … SpongeBob.

My favorite pro team is … Oklahoma City Thunder.

Worst thing about pro sports is … There’s not as much excitement in those games.

Best uniforms in sports belong to … Oregon football.

One thing my coach always says that I’ll never forget … Never play like the class you’re in.

I will consider myself a success when I … Hear my name called out on NBA Draft night.

If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d buy is … Something for my mom.

If I could tell one person thanks, it would be … My father. For …. Everything.


I utterly despise going to see a kid, who’s supposed to be “the guy,” play and he does that whole “too cool to score” thing. He keeps passing when he’s open, he doesn’t attack his man off the dribble, he doesn’t take shots, etc.

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Before you know it the game is over and “the guy” has six points and four rebounds in a loss.

It took me a long while to realize, often times; the player’s not doing much because he can’t. The defender checking him typically knows who he is and is dead-set on locking him up.

This is where motor and mindset separates good players from great players.

A player at the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League told me last weekend that he didn’t think either of those attributes mattered more than talent.

My response?

“Well, I’ll tell you like Achilles told the little Greek boy who was scared of the big Thessalonian in ‘Troy,’ ‘That’s why no one will remember your name.”


“My big bro Waka Flocka Flame. He shouted me out in one of his new songs and he’s fam so I definitely am feelin’ what he’s doing.” Prime Prep (Dallas) sophomore forward Elijah Thomas

-Jason Jordan

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The Breakfast Buzz - Isaiah Briscoe

Introducing … Isaiah Briscoe

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