The Breakfast Buzz - Lauren Carlini

The Breakfast Buzz - Lauren Carlini

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The Breakfast Buzz - Lauren Carlini


Introducing … Lauren Carlini

School: West Aurora (Aurora, Ill.)

Sport: Volleyball

Year: Class of 2013

My dream job, outside of being a professional athlete, would beA drag racer.

If you’d see my iPod, you’d findA variety of music, mainly rap and house and dance music.

I currently drive aDodge Stratus.

Someday, I’d like to be driving a
Audi R8.

The best part about my hometown isWe’re culturally diverse. It prepares us for what the real world is really like.

My dream city to be living in 10 years from now isLos Angeles. I haven’t seen California yet, but I think I’m going to like it.

The ultimate compliment is when I get compared withKelly Murphy.

If I could be teammates with one pro athlete in any sport, it’d be… Tim Duncan.

If I could meet anybody, it would beBill Gates.

The websites I couldn’t live without areTwitter and Facebook.

The greatest meal ever isPizza and Cold Stone ice cream for dessert.

Best movie of all-time isTransformers.

My can’t-miss TV show isGossip Girl.

My favorite pro team isChicago Bears.

Worst thing about pro sports isThe cockiness and overconfidence that people get with success.

Best uniforms in sports belong toOregon Ducks football.

One thing my coach always says that I’ll never forget… “All six of you must play good for the team to be great.”

I will consider myself a success when IWin a gold medal in the Olympics.

If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d buy isA house for my parents.

If I could tell one person thanks, it would beMy club coach, Rick Butler. For … Putting up with me for 11 years and teaching me everything.

– Eric Morris

For more on Lauren Carlini, who is one of 12 candidates for the Gatorade National Athlete of the Year award, check out her Q&A with Eric Morris.

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A solid number of the high school athletes I talk to for the intro files above tell me that at least one of their favorite TV shows is The Game.

I checked out the season premiere Tuesday and it’s pretty solid.

Good storyline, solid acting, entertaining… But it made me reminisce about one of my favorite shows about “life in the NFL” – ESPN’s old show Playmakers.

Now that was a great show!

Granted, it was a series about a fictional pro football team, but most of the issues the team faced – drugs, jail, locker room beefs – are reported all the time.

Yep, I’ve gotta give Playmakers the nod over The Game; even if Lauren London is the lead actress.


“Trying my moves out on these guys on tour. It’s too much fun!” – Grayson “The Professor” Boucher

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The Breakfast Buzz - Lauren Carlini

Introducing … Lauren Carlini

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