The Breakfast Buzz - Madison Temple

The Breakfast Buzz - Madison Temple

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The Breakfast Buzz - Madison Temple


Introducing … Madison Temple

School: St. Edwards (Vero Beach, Fla.)

Sports: Golf, soccer

Year: Junior

My dream job, outside of being a professional athlete, would be … Sports Broadcaster for the Golf Channel or ESPN

If you’d see my iPod, you’d find … country music

I currently drive a … Toyota Highlander

Someday, I’d like to be driving a … the same car

The best part of my hometown is … I know everyone

My dream city to be living in 10 years from now is …Vero Beach

The ultimate compliment is when I get compared with …my mom

If I could be teammates with one pro athlete in any sport, it’d be ….Shaquille O’Neal

If I could meet anybody, it would be … Eli Manning

The websites I couldn’t live without are … Twitter and Pinterest

The greatest meal ever is …. Thanksgiving meal

Best movie of all-time is … Elf or Taking Chance

My can’t-miss TV show is … Pretty Little Liars or Criminal Minds

My favorite pro team is … Tampa bay Buccaneers or New York Giants

Worst thing about pro sports is … very competitive

Best uniforms in sports belong to … women’s tennis

One thing my coach always says that I’ll never forget … I don’t care if the score is 1-0 or 10-9, we just better be the one winning

I will consider myself a success when I … I begin to have a stable life after college

If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d buy is … investments

If I could tell one person thanks, it would be … My mom, for everything

– Sarah Gearhart


The more I think about how often I see grown men asking the teen athletes that I cover for retweets the more weirded out I get. What type of satisfaction does one get from seeing their tweet, JJBB copy copy copy copy
which is asking for a retweet, actually retweeted.

Take about 10 seconds to think about that.

Do people really take a screen shot of the retweet, whip their phones out at parties and show it off?

Like… Word?

I’ve never understood autographs either, but at least you’ve got a story about meeting the person, I guess.

This epidemic of grown men asking for retweets must stop, and I for one think I’ve got the answer.

Since we add a hashtag to everything on Twitter these days, I say we add this #GMAFRalert. It’s a great way to callout offenders.

I mean I get that, for all intents and purposes, the Andrew Wiggins’ and Julius Randles of the world seem like celebrities with all the coverage we media guys give them, but c’mon man!

#GMAFR must be stopped.


“Pretty much anything by Kendrick Lamar. I just think he’s a great artist all around.” – Montverde (Montverde, Fla.) sophomore forward Ben Simmons

– Jason Jordan


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The Breakfast Buzz - Madison Temple

Introducing … Madison Temple

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