The Breakfast Buzz - Reggie Chevis

The Breakfast Buzz - Reggie Chevis

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The Breakfast Buzz - Reggie Chevis


Introducing … Reggie Chevis

School: Sharpstown (Houston)

Sport: Football

Year: Senior

My dream job, outside of being a professional athlete, would be … Head coach at Texas A&M.

If you’d see my iPod, you’d find … Lil Wayne, Drake and Trinidad James.

I currently drive a … I ride the school bus.

Someday, I’d like to be driving a … Buick on “swangers.” Those are the rims with the spokes poking out. It’s a Houston thing.

The best part of my hometown is … Downtown scene. It’s poppin’ down there.

My dream city to be living in 10 years from now is … Houston. I don’t want to leave.

Reggie Chevis 3
The ultimate compliment is when I get compared with …
Ray Lewis.

If I could be teammates with one pro athlete in any sport, it’d be …. Patrick Willis.

If I could meet anybody, it would be … Gabriel Union.

The websites I couldn’t live without are …

The greatest meal ever is …. Fried chicken with gravy, rice, corn and cornbread.

Best movie of all-time is … Freedom Writers.

My can’t-miss TV show is … Family Guy.

My favorite pro team is … Houston Texans.

Worst thing about pro sports is … Being bankrupt as soon as you retire.

Best uniforms in sports belong to … Oregon.

One thing my coach always says that I’ll never forget … He tells me I’ve got a chance to be the greatest.

I will consider myself a success when I … I have a good paying job, a good family and a beautiful wife. She’s gotta be fine.

If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d buy is … Pay my tithes.

If I could tell one person thanks, it would be … God. For …. Blessing me with my abilities.

-Jason Jordan

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The more I think about Derrick Rose not returning to the Chicago Bulls after being cleared medically the more I say good for him.

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People are actually hating on a man who’s coming off of a torn ACL for not coming back before he’s ready?

Sure, Kobe Bryant limped out on the floor for the Los Angeles Lakers to shoot free throws after tearing his Achilles and, yeah, David Lee suited up for the Golden State Warriors with a torn hip flexor. Heck, even I tore a ligament in my ankle one day at practice then came out the next day and led my team to a tournament title on one leg back in my heyday (Shameless plug!).

But we’re, yes “we’re” don’t hate, the exception not the rule.

Simeon (Chicago) forward Jabari Parker stayed out until his broken foot was fully healed and he felt comfortable playing on it. Same for Prestonwood Christian (Plano, Texas) forward Julius Randle.

What I will say is Rose should just go ahead and say he’s not coming back. And, for the love of God, someone tell him to stop warming up on the court before games; cutting to the basket, running around and draining jumpers.

Talk about a tease!

Bottom line is that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III showed us what could happen to a player who does the whole “guts and glory” bit when he shouldn’t.

It’s just not worth it, and next season when Rose is averaging 25 points a game no one will remember that he sat out.

As you were…


“Power Trip’ by J. Cole. That song is just what I’m vibin’ to these days.” – Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, Calif.) junior wing Kameron Chatman.

-Jason Jordan


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The Breakfast Buzz - Reggie Chevis

Introducing … Reggie Chevis

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