The Colton McLendon Playlist

The Colton McLendon Playlist

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The Colton McLendon Playlist


Mead (Fairwood, Wash.) senior tracklete Colton McLendon tunes into fast-paced beats with inspiring lyrics to condition and convince his mind before track meets. Check out five songs that make up his pre-race playlist.

McLendon: No song gets me as pumped or excited as this one. I like how it starts slow and kind of mellow, then transforms into a heavy song with a lot of bass. I play it loud in my car and literally feel and see the bass shaking the car.

McLendon: It’s really fast and loud. One of the lines is “this is a fight to the death.” I like it because it’s about how you’re fighting for yourself.

McLendon: This song has a good beat. The sounds are put together, and his vocabulary is definitely crazy.

McLendon: It’s about pushing yourself and putting the past behind so you can move on with your life. The message to me is if you have a bad meet or practice, block it out and focus on what’s happening now.

McLendon: This was the official song of the London Olympics. It’s high energy and has a fast beat. What I get from the song: it’s about how life is a race. Have fun with it, but don’t take anything for granted.

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The Colton McLendon Playlist
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