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Devin Booker is arguably the most feared marksman in the country, regardless of class. Booker, a senior at Moss Point (Moss Point, Miss.), is the reigning Gatorade Player of the Year for Mississippi after cranking in more than 30 points per game last season. Booker, who recently signed with Kentucky, has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

What’s up people!

I know it’s been a while since my last blog; things were pretty busy for me with the whole commitment and everything. Most of you know by now that I am officially a member of Big Blue Nation!

The decision was a big stress reliever for me. At the beginning of the recruiting process it’s every kid’s dream to be recruited by every school they love, but it definitely gets stressful toward the end when you realize you can only pick one school.

You know it all along, but it gets more and more real and that causes stress.

I talked with my parents about it for months; throughout the whole process I probably felt a different way about each school at some point. In the end, though, Kentucky was where I wanted to be. That feeling never left me. I even waited a while to see if the feeling would wear off, but it never did.

I never had any second thoughts because I took so much time to do it the right way. I was locked in all the way.

Coach Cal was really excited when I told him. He told me that we were gonna have another special class, and he told me that he wanted people to say “I knew Booker was good, but I didn’t know he was that good!” I really liked that because I knew that meant I would be getting better and better. That’s what I wanted.

I definitely feel like I’ll have an even better year this year because I don’t have any worries. I don’t have to go home and text and talk with coaches all night. I don’t have to think about visits or where I want to go because I’m locked in and I know where I’m going.

On the other hand I know people on the court are gonna go at my head even more because I’m a Kentucky recruit, but I never worry about that because I go hard at everyone anyway.

I’ve definitely been keeping in touch with the guys in our recruiting class, especially Tyler (Ulis). We’ve been close since the seventh grade so we text or talk almost every day. We always talk about what we’re gonna do next year; we’re all looking forward to it.

And we don’t care who the No. 1 recruiting class is because I feel like we’re still the No. 1 class. We’re just gonna wait until next year when we’re performing. That’s all that matters.

I’m just looking forward to being a part of a great team and a great family. I want to make history with the team that we’ll put on the floor and get wins.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Big Blue Nation as a player. I know there’s nothing like it. I can’t wait!

I’m glad to say that I didn’t get many negative messages about picking Kentucky.

For the most part all of the fans of the other schools I was looking at were cool. I had a couple of people say I was betraying my home state and betraying my dad for not going to Missouri, but I don’t worry about that stuff.

I made the best decision for me.

We’ve started our season already and it’s been pretty rough so far, but I feel confident that we’ll be able to turn it around.

School is great. It’s getting easier since it’s my senior year. I finished my College Algebra class last week and I’ve got all A’s. I wrote a research paper in my English class on the history of Kentucky basketball! I turned that in last week so I’m definitely expecting a good grade on that one! It’s only right.

Of course my team goal is to go to states and win it all. We’ve got a lot of improving to do, but it’s a long season and I’m confident we’ll keep getting better. Individually, I really want to make the McDonald’s All-American and Jordan Brand Classic games. It’s every player’s dream to be a part of those games and it’s a great chance to finish off your high school career with the guys you grew up playing with and against at tournaments and showcases all summer.

I hope I can get in to those! I’m working for that.

OK people, as always, thanks for coming to check out my blog!

Stay tuned for my next one soon, I’ll keep you posted on my season and everything else that’s going on with me.

Take care!

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