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Jabrill Peppers is the No. 1 cornerback and No. 2 overall prospect in the Rivals150. After a dominant junior season in which he racked up 70 tackles, three interceptions and 23 touchdowns, Peppers committed to Michigan. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his budding music career in a blog.

What’s up world!

Your boy Breezy’s back and I must say that I was impressed with Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Control.

That’s what everyone was talking about last week and you’ve definitely gotta give him his props for that one. Big Sean did his thing too, but it’s easy to see who made that song. Kendrick took it to a whole other level.

That’s what the game needed if you ask me!

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As a rapper, I completely respect that because he really got back to the true essence of hip hop, which is strong, meaningful, artistic lyrics and competition. Now maybe we won’t hear as much of the stuff we’re hearing on the radio now.

I saw a lot of rappers tweeting about it, so he has everyone talking. That’s big!

What Kendrick did on that verse is like a football player running a four-second 40 time! I mean he killed it. I try to be the best at whatever I’m doing so I’m definitely gonna try to raise my bars to an even higher level and try to come up with even better material.

I’m excited because we’ve been practicing for a few weeks now and we’re looking really good. The receivers are looking really crisp, the running backs are looking strong and our quarterback looks fantastic. This is where I feel we need to be because we play Gilman first and they’ve got two games before they play us so we’ll have to be ready.

We’ll have the only game in the state that night so I’m hoping that it will be packed. We’re playing at Rutgers so we’re all really excited about that.

We’ve got a scrimmage this week and we’re all ready. We get to beat up on other people instead of each other for a change.

I mean it’s my senior season and I really want to make sure that I leave my mark, not only on New Jersey but the country as a whole. That’s my main focus just getting better day by day.

I definitely saw that USA Today ranked us No. 4 in the preseason Super 25 and I liked that. It puts us closer to achieving the ultimate goal of winning a national championship. The target on our back is bigger than ever before so we’re still staying humble and taking it day by day.

I already told the guys not to let the ranking get to their heads because when you get complacent that’s when you slip-up and lose. I personally feel like we’ve got a lot to prove to live up to the hype.

Of course I’m still trying to get some big time players to come with me to Michigan, but with the season starting up and everything I think we’re all focused on our teams.

I know DaShawn Hand scheduled his visit for November and I have a really good feeling about getting him. I’ve definitely stressed to him how much we need him and how big of an impact he’d have on the defense that Coach (Greg) Mattison runs.

Now Leonard (Fournette); I feel a little iffy about getting him, but I think there’s still a chance. We’ll see. Visits can change the game.

But I feel really good about Da’Shawn. Like I always say if they choose to go elsewhere there won’t be any love lost; they’re still my boys.

OK people I’ve got to get ready to roll out now. My bad that I haven’t been posting that many blogs here lately I’ve just been working really hard to try and better myself as a person and on the field. But I’ll definitely be keeping you updated more on everything that’s going on in my life as the season goes on!

Breezy’s outta here!

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