The Professor's juke-move

The Professor's juke-move

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The Professor's juke-move


School may be out for the summer, but the work is just getting started for the country’s most elite high school basketball players who compete at different AAU tournaments, showcase and skills camps every weekend through early August. Traditionally, summer ball is more open and loose; the perfect time to display an ankle-breaking crossover or a mind-boggling in-and-out dribble to leave a lasting impression on the college coaches and other elite players in attendance. Who better to teach the hardwood handles and juke-moves than a professor?

We did you one better; we got The Professor.

This week, he breaks down the “2+2+2” juke-move.

The Professor says class is officially in session!

What’s up class!

Hope you studied hard on last week’s lesson breaking down the “Insane Spin Move” because this week’s lesson will be even more challenging.

It’s similar to a math lesson because I call this move the “2+2+2.”

No the answer isn’t six either! Not exactly.

This move is a real crowd pleaser and is sure to get people on their feet, but you’re really gonna have to do a good job of reading the defender.

When you approach the defender you do, what I call, a two-dribble under-the-leg fake, which you’re really gonna have to refer to the video to understand better.

One dribble goes under the leg and your hand actually goes under your leg too. Then you dribble and leave the ball on the other side of your leg and grab it with the opposite hand.

Again, when you read and then watch it will all make sense. I call it “2+2+2” based off the rhythm of the move.

OK so again, when you come up to the defender, with your right hand, you go under your left leg in rhythm: 1, 2 with that two-dribble under-the-leg fake dribble. Then you do the same thing with your left hand.

So at this point the ball has bounced four times with the 1, 2 rhythm.

When you do that you’ll rile up the crowd a little because it’s a little showy if you’re doing it right. Trust me, when that happens your defender will respond and try to rush you more and D up even more.

It never fails.

When they do that it’s the perfect time to act as if you’re going to the rack then crossover. It’s a total of six dribbles and it’s got a rhythm to it that you’ve gotta feel out. It’s like “Bop-bop. Bop-bop. Bop-bop.”

This is one that you’ll definitely want to check the video to get that visual demonstration.

OK it’s about that time you guys. Study hard and, as you know, practice makes perfect so send Vine vids to @USATodayHSS so we can chart your progress. Fair warning: This one won’t be easy.

Class dismissed.

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The Professor's juke-move
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