Top 5 National Plays of the Week

Top 5 National Plays of the Week


Top 5 National Plays of the Week


Each week throughout the high school football season Gannett television stations compile the top 5 plays from around the country.

Here is a list of this week’s plays.

Our Number 1 play is from Mays High School in Atlanta Georgia…with the flea flicker!!!! Quarterback Ayinde Russell (eye-in-day Russel) hands off to Randrecous Davis (ran-dree
-cus) who will throw the touchdown pass to DeParis Carter for the Raiders!

Number 2 comes from Camden Fairview High School in Arkansas…Quarterback Matthew Ollison (Ah-lis-suhn) looks deep and the ball gets tipped once and then twice by the defense but Wide Receiver Cornelius Page comes down with the ball at the one yard line.

Number 3 features Quince Orchard in Maryland ….sophomore Running Back Shawn Barlow takes the hand-off from Quarterback Mike Murtaugh (Mur-taw) and goes beast mode spinning and weaving his way through the defense on his way for the score.

Number 4 comes from Raines High School in Jacksonville, Florida …Quarterback Marvin Zanders looks to the endzone and somehow Kieron Scott makes the juggling catch in the back of the endzone.

And our Number 5 play is from Villa Angela Saint Joseph high school in Cleveland, Ohio…Opening kickoff…. ball is headed out of bounds but Malik Gully (Me-leek) decides to return it….83 yards later his team has a 7-0 lead!!!

Three times this season players from Western New York have been included in the top national plays. You can vote for your favorite play in the poll right near the Dick Gallagher icon.


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