Washington Redskins visit Friendship Collegiate Academy

Washington Redskins visit Friendship Collegiate Academy


Washington Redskins visit Friendship Collegiate Academy


WASHINGTON (WUSA 9) — Friendship Collegiate Academy’s top student athletes were honored by the Washington Redskins on Tuesday with a lunch assembly at the school that focused on boosting students’ financial literacy.

Running backs Alfred Morris and Darrel Young helped students with monthly budget simulations that showed what it takes to balance living expenses with leisure activities.

“I spend money very fast, so hopefully this will teach me how to budget my money,” said Shaquiall Felder. The senior track runner grew up a Redskins fan and said he is inspired by the team.

“It just shows me that your dreams can come true,” said Felder. “I play a sport that is not very popular … so when I see football players … and they’ve made it … it shows me that I can make it too.”

Several members of Friendship’s football team were also in attendance. The Knights will face H.D. Woodson in Friday’s D.C. State athletic Association championship and head coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim said he was glad his players were able to hear a positive message from the NFL pros.

“Sometimes as parents and as coaches your message gets drowned out … so sometimes when it comes from a different source, especially a professional football player, the kids, they get the message,” said Abdul-Rahim. “I think that’s the most important thing — that they take something from today and put it to use in their everyday life.”

The presentation was part of the Redskins’ Coaches in the Classroom program, which sponsors an academic athletic adviser in local school to help keep student athletes on track.

This season, Morris and Young have helped host the program’s different events.

“It’s a great feeling to let them know … you too can chase your dreams,” said Morris. “Just because you’re in the situation you’re in now, it doesn’t define you. You can define yourself.”


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