What halftime really means

What halftime really means

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What halftime really means


Halftime is when clipboards are thrown.

It is when lockers are kicked and tempers soar and coaches yell. It is when goals are revisited. It is when performance is evaluated, and it is when plans are made.


Plans to do better next time. Sometimes to simply stay on track.

Halftime is a time for regrouping, renewal, and sometimes, a plan for retribution.

My definition of halftime – is a time where the head meets the heart. To me, halftime does not exist solely between halves of a sporting event. Halftime is not held specifically to the 15 minutes between the second and third quarter.

My halftime can happen anywhere.

The head can meet the heart during a math test. Amid the flurry of calculations and formulas, you mentally leave the test to wonder, instead, why you hadn’t studied. You regroup your thoughts, slap a final answer onto the paper, and plan to do better next time. Halftime.

The head can meet the heart during a job interview. That halftime allows you to evaluate. Regroup your thoughts. Re-evaluate your long-term goals.

What happens after halftime is the best part of the game. It is the time that you know exactly what to do next. Games are won and lost in the third quarter, just as lives are turned around and uprooted after individual “halftimes”.

That is my halftime.

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What halftime really means

Halftime is when clipboards are thrown.

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