10 Questions with Hough's Van Smith

10 Questions with Hough's Van Smith


10 Questions with Hough's Van Smith


CORNELIUS, N.C. — William Amos Hough High School senior safety Van Smith is currently committed to play football at Clemson. Smith is planning on enrolling early to hit the field for Dabo Swinney’s Tigers. I caught up with Van at a Hough practice and we talked about everything from college plans to his favorite place to eat on the weekends.

1. You’ve been committed to Clemson for a while. Has that helped you focus solely on playing this season and not have to worry about the recruiting process?

“Yeah, that helped a lot. I know a lot of coaches aren’t going to be calling me, and I won’t have any missed calls after the games. I’m just focused on Clemson right now.”

2. As a young player going to college, is it encouraging when you see freshmen contributing for Clemson? Players like Mackenzie Alexander are getting the opportunity to play and prove to the coaches that despite being a freshman, they are able to play early.

“Oh yeah, that means a lot. Alexander’s one of my favorite DB’s down there, I look at him as a role model. I look at him as a freshman that’s playing and know that I will get a chance.”

3. You transferred from West Meck this year, has that transition been easy for you?

“It really wasn’t that bad, because I played with a lot of these guys on the NC Elite team, so they’re already my brothers. So coming over here made it even more fun to play with them.”

4. Who was your favorite NFL player growing up?

“Growing up, definitely Sean Taylor.”

5. If you could meet any non-football celebrity, who would it be?

“I would say Kevin Hart, because he’s really funny and I try to be goofy with my teammates.”

6. What do you see yourself doing when you’re finished playing football?

“I think I will get into coaching, probably walk in my dad’s footsteps a little bit. Probably high school somewhere.”

7. What’s your favorite restaurant?

“Gotta say T.G.I. Friday’s.”

8. What’s your favorite NFL team?

“Steelers, that’s where I’m from.”

9. Before the game, what kind of music are you listening to to get ready?

“Meek Mill hip hop.”

10. Gatorade or Powerade?

“Gatorade, definitely.”


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