Athlete of the Week: HGA's Grace Ni

Athlete of the Week: HGA's Grace Ni


Athlete of the Week: HGA's Grace Ni


CYPRESS – There’s no place where 13-year old Grace Ni feels more comfortable than on a golf course.

“I really, really, really like this sport,” Ni said.

When she was younger, she would watch her dad play and her love for the sport began soon after.

“I started touching the golf clubs when I was 4 and half,” Ni said. “I actually started practicing when I was five. I just thought it was really fun. You could hit the ball, see how far it goes, it’s just awesome.”

Over the years she has gotten better and more confident and that feeling of knowing she can compete with the best was pretty amazing.

“I think it was just, ‘Wow, I’m good!” Ni said. “Let’s continue this. I just didn’t want to stop.”

Recently, she shot a 2-under 70 to qualify for the USGA Junior Girls tournament in Arizona. She went up against girls that were older and although she didn’t win, what she gained from the experience was invaluable.

“I learned how to stay calm during everything,” Ni said. “I learned some mental experiences.”

She has several tournaments coming up in the next few weeks so the work never stops for Grace.

“I love that when you win something, you know you did it, it’s not like a team thing,” Ni said. “It’s just, I did it, I can take this home.”

Grace wants to take it as far as she can go especially playing golf at the collegiate level, which is one of her big goals.

Congratulations Grace Ni for being our KHOU 11 Sports Athlete of the Week!


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