Athlete of the Week: Katlyn Moseley

Athlete of the Week: Katlyn Moseley


Athlete of the Week: Katlyn Moseley


Katlyn Moseley hasn’t been playing basketball that long, but for the short time she has been on the hardwood, she’s learned to be pretty good at the game.

Her coach, Brittany Conley, says, “She loves the game. She’s in the gym shooting, she’s at home shooting. She wants to win, has the desire to win and is willing to do anything for that to happen, including in pressure situations. She’s made a game-winning shot against Deerfield in overtime. She’s just that kind of player.”

A member of the varsity since the 8th grade, Moseley continues to get better every year, helping Westfield achieve success on the floor as a star guard for the Lady Hornets.

“She has great grades in academics, sits at a great GPA. She’s looking to play basketball at the next level, which is definitely a high chance for her. But she also makes good decisions on and off the court, so she’s supporting her team with life choices and being a good role model,” says Conley.

Just last week, Moseley reached the 1,000 point mark in her career and she is just a junior. But Coach Conley says her age doesn’t stop her from leading the team.

Katlyn Moseley says, “All my friends tell me how I am so different on the court. I am a lot more aggressive and get after it more. I’m usually kind of quiet in the classroom, although I do talk a lot. I am different though, a lot more aggressive.”

Away from the basket, Katlyn says she understands that slam dunking the books is just as important as wins and losses. That’s why she carries a 3.3 GPA.

“Grades are important to me cause of school and going to college. That’s the main thing. If you don’t have the grades, then you can’t do anything. That’s how I was raised,” says Moseley.


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