Athlete of the Week: Rashaad Bolton

Athlete of the Week: Rashaad Bolton


Athlete of the Week: Rashaad Bolton


Rashaad Bolton is a heavy hitter on the Veterans Warhawks defensive unit. According to this talented junior, there is no offseason.

Bolton says, “Coach Bruce says all the time, ‘Only the strong survive,’ and that’s so true because if you don’t get strong, you will be pushed all over the football field.”

Coach David Bruce says, “He’s extremely hardworking in the weight room. Very strong, he’s about 200 pounds and he’s all muscle. He works very hard at it. He’s very explosive and very good in those Olympic-style lifts, but he works at it and has very good technique and he works hard.”

Bolton keeps himself busy in the weight room preparing for those gridiron battles. He’s even making history in the process.

“This past January, my dad signed me up for a power lifting competition at the Museum of Aviation, and I set the state record for bench press in my age division of 16-17-year-olds,” says Bolton.

He also owns the school record bench press max with a 325-pound lift, but outside of bicep curls and dips, Bolton is getting the job done in the classroom as well to the tune of a 3.35 GPA, something he is most proud of.

“No, I have never had to check on Rashaad, not one time. His parents will check on him and I won’t have to worry about it. They’ll update me, but he has very good grades, takes very hard classes, and just does a great job as a role model on and off the field,” says Coach Bruce.

“Being a really good player on the field isn’t going to get you into college if you’re not a good student in the classroom. Grades are real important, that’s why you need to separate yourself from everybody else,” says Bolton.

So as the football season is quickly approaching, Bolton is getting ready to make more history playing the sport he loves most.

Bolton says, “Last year set the bar and set the standard really high for this upcoming season. The coaches and all the players know that. So we have to top that and hopefully we will continue to work hard and pass that mark this upcoming season.


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