Basha High basketball coach urges boys to keep 3 things in mind

Basha High basketball coach urges boys to keep 3 things in mind


Basha High basketball coach urges boys to keep 3 things in mind


Rebound. Take the charge. Dish the ball. These are the three pillars that Chandler Basha boys basketball coach Mike Grothaus tells his players they need to utilize each time they take the court, no matter if it is practice or a game.

“I think if we do those three things, I think our percentages go up to have a chance to win the basketball game,” Grothaus said. “If we’re rebounding the ball on both ends, it’s either giving us second-chance opportunities on the offensive end or defensively, we try and play great defense and that’s how we cap off great defenses, by rebounding. If we’re getting assists that means we’re setting up our teammates, we’re creating for one another, we’re sharing the basketball, we’re scoring baskets, we’re making it easy for each other. And then charges, we think it’s the best basketball play you can make. It’s a sacrifice of your body for your team, it’s a turnover for the opposing team, it’s also a personal foul for the opposing team.”

Grothaus’ philosophy has developed throughout his career playing and coaching basketball.

Grothaus played his high-school basketball at Gilbert High under legendary coach Tom Bennett, and won a state title in 2003, defeating Phoenix Desert Vista 56-51. He then went to Jamestown College for a year, but the desert called him back, and Grothaus played his final three years of college under Scott Mossman at Grand Canyon University.

After graduating, Grothaus furthered his love for the game by becoming an assistant coach at Mesa Community College under Sam Ballard, a position for which he is grateful.

“To be able to work under Sam Ballard for five years was just one of the most incredible experiences I ever had in coaching,” Grothaus said. “To work with coach Ballard, day in, day out, he’s such a great teacher. Every day you’re learning something new.”

The opportunity to be the head coach of the Bears was the right one at the right time and pried him away from Mesa.

“It was just a great opportunity for my family,” Grothaus said. “Working at Mesa was so hard to leave because I knew we had such a great team coming back. Obviously, to work with coach Ballard, day in, day out was phenomenal, but it was just a great opportunity to come to Basha and we have a great administration, great, great students, great faculty and just a great opportunity here where I think there is some great talent.”

Grothaus wants to make that talent into something not yet seen at Basha, state champions, but that is not his ultimate goal.

“In 10 years, if they ever call me and they ever need anything, I always look forward to that,” Grothaus said. “If I can ever do anything for them when they leave here, I think that’s success, that you made an impact on them.”

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Basha High basketball coach urges boys to keep 3 things in mind
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