CAAC honors scholar-athletes

CAAC honors scholar-athletes


CAAC honors scholar-athletes



St. Johns athletic director Chris Ervin says it’s “the best thing we do all year.”

Mason athletic director Greg Lattig calls it “the best evening of the year.”

Master of ceremonies Tim Staudt of WILX-TV went even further.

“In my 44 years on the air, this is the best thing I have ever been around,” he said on his “Staudt On Sports” radio program Tuesday morning on WVFN.

They’re all referring to the Capital Area Activities Conference Senior Athlete Recognition Ceremony.

The 12th annual event, in which 270 seniors were recognized from the 27 CAAC schools, was held at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center on Wednesday night.

“You look out in the audience, and see how proud their parents and grandparents are let alone how proud their coaches are – because a lot of these kids have been with these coaches for years,” Staudt added. “And these kids have competed against each other for three or four years, and now they’re there applauding one another. I think the concept is tremendous.”

Lattig agreed.

“It’s very special because it’s a combination of the student and the athlete,” he said. “They’ve worked hard and they’ve sacrificed many things to get it done in the classroom and on the athletic field.”

Ervin explained how each school determines which 10 seniors are recognized.

“Each school takes their list of athletes that have earned two varsity letters (in two sports),” he said. “Then they take their two-sport athletes and take the top grade point averages out of that bunch.”

Ervin has seen first-hand what the award has meant to St. Johns student-athletes the past eight years.

“It’s a privilege that they recognize, a real honor to be selected, knowing that from an academic and an athletic standpoint, they’re the best of the best from each particular school involved,” he said. “That’s quite an amazing accomplishment for them.”

Each year, the CAAC brings in a keynote speaker to share a message with the seniors. Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis spoke on Wednesday night.

NOTE: Listed below are name, grade point average, sports in which varsity letter was won (college choice and possible major)



Caitlin Chuang 4.01 cross country/track (U-M international relations)

Brianna Forsthoefel 3.99 golf/softball (undecided engineering)

Madeleine Glew 4.00 cross country/track (U-M kinesiology)

Thomas Lammers 4.02 soccer/lacrosse (undecided political science)

Madison McMurtry 3.98 cross country/track (U-M undecided)

Nathaniel Messenger 3.99 basketball/baseball (U-M undecided)

Isabel Morton 4.04 golf/hockey/lacrosse (MSU actuarial science)

Radit Nimsombun 3.96 soccer/lacrosse (U-M architecture)

Hannah Pettibone 4.08 cross country/soccer (U-M biochemistry)

Taylor VanRemmen 3.94 basketball/softball (Hope special education)


Jerek Crim 3.57 football/wrestling (MSU or WMU nursing)

Dakota Davis 3.38 football/wrestling (LCC computer science)

Joshua Gillespie 3.69 cross country/wrestling (LCC psychology)

Emiliano Gonzales 3.20 football/baseball (LCC and MSU engineering)

Nicholas Kilpatrick 4.02 cross country/swimming (MSU or WMU engineering)

Jeffrey Mills 4.08 football/wrestling (MSU political science)

Katie Murdoch 4.05 cross country/soccer (MSU sports marketing)

Haruka Nakada 4.00 swimming/basketball/softball (college in Japan athletic training)

Sataporn Pitutecha 3.75 swimming/soccer (college in Thailand law)

Amari Roper 3.78 track/cross country (LCC and MSU engineering)


Lucas Barner 3.83 football/basketball (Adrian communication)

Anissa Dawsey 3.77 tennis/bowling (LCC undecided)

Kayla Elkins 3.84 cross country/bowling (undecided undecided)

Jacob Odom 3.01 football/baseball (Ferris or Wayne State undecided)

Meeshon Rogers 3.26 volleyball/tennis (LCC undecided)

Shaun Rosenberg 3.36 cross country/track (LCC sports medicine)

Emmalee Seeger 3.82 cross country/bowling (EMU social work)

Monique Trigo 3.98 soccer/cross country (MSU nursing)

Kristian Vanderwaerden 4.06 swimming/track (MSU political science)

Montel Windham 3.09 football/wrestling (Defiance undecided)


Sarah Blundy 4.04 swimming/water polo (LCC speech pathology)

Keefer Johnson 4.12 baseball/football (Yale chemistry)

Rachel Kehren 4.04 swimming/water polo (Calvin nursing)

Emily Konen 3.99 cross country/track (Grand Valley occupational therapy/minor in dance)

Courtney Laudick 4.03 cross country/track (U-M business)

Joseph Reverman 4.07 football/track (Hillsdale undecided)

Zachary Richardson 4.29 cross country/track (MSU computer sciece)

Thomas Sereseroz 3.99 swimming/track (Georgia Tech mechanical)

Owen Souillere 3.98 swimming /water polo/track (Michigan Tech enviromental engineering)

Taylor Stensen 4.09 swimming/water polo (MSU mechanical engineering)


Cade Butch 4.00 football/lacrosse (Grand Valley business)

Connor Butch 3.99 football/lacrosse (Grand Valley computer engineering)

Timothy Cain 4.00 football/wrestling/lacrosse (Adrian pre-med)

Grant Colligan 3.99 cross country/diving/track (Colorado Mines petroeum engineering)

James Fulghum 3.82 cross country/lacrosse (Alma psychology)

Kyle Harkema 3.99 cross country/swimming/golf (Calvin engineering)

Emily Krueger 4.00 cross country/track (Hope kinesiology)

Chris Kruger 4.00 soccer/diving/track (Hope pre-med)

Kylee Voorhis 3.85 cheerleading/tennis (Central Michigan pre dental)

Asean Vue 3.85 football/track (undecided accounting)


Alec Briggs 3.89 cross country/swimming/track (U-M or WMU nursing)

Elizabeth Butterfield 3.93 volleyball/tennis (MSU or Indiana kinesiology)

Chloe Cain 3.85 basketball/soccer (Chicago State broadcasting)

Rourke Carroll 3.98 football/hockey/baseball (Trine engineering)

Lindsay Davis 3.83 golf/softball (U-M undecided)

Kaylee Fields 4.00 cross country/softball (Albion undecided)

Lindsie Hubbard 4.00 volleyball/soccer (MSU kinesiology)

Morgan McCloughan 3.87 bowling/soccer (Huntington chemistry)

Grecia Quiroga 4.00 cross country/track (U-M biopsychology/cognition/neuroscience)

Elizabeth Rieman 3.97 swimming/softball (Hope mathematics/elementary education)


Ayda Alavi 4.00 cross country/track

Katherine Dudley 3.96 swimming/basketball/water polo (Stanford)

Connor LaPres 3.96 cross country/track

David McKinley 3.95 cross country/track

Rohith Pentaparthy 3.96 cross country/track

Ashlynn Schiro 3.99 volleyball/track (High Point)

Mariah Silverstein 3.97 swimming/track

Colin White 3.92 football/golf

Kyle White 3.97 cross country/track

Lauren Zisholz 3.97 skiing/soccer


Jose Alvarez

Javon Cooney football/track

Robert Garza 4.02 golf/swimming (MSU mechanical engineering)

Julie Guo soccer/volleyball

Claire Hendon 4.02 softball/volleyball (Oakland engineering)

Girard Lewis basketball/track/football

Alexandria Rocha 3.86 golf/soccer

Michelle Wiley 3.73 softball/volleyball (Northwestern of Ohio healthcare administration)

Kareemah Wilson bowling/softball/sideline cheer



Charles Billingsley 3.84 cross country/swimming/track (Grand Valley computer science)

Nicholas Maher 3.92 tennis/lacrosse (Trine mechanical engineering)

Emily Murdoch 3.97 cross country/track/soccer (Northwood business)

Marshall Reisig 4.04 soccer/baseball (undecided finance)

Christopher Ruby 4.01 football/baseball (CMU engineering)

Abigail Ruch 4.02 basketball/soccer (U-M business/sports management)

Evan Smith 3.95 soccer/basketball/baseball (U-M mechanical engineering)

Hannah Stoll 3.98 basketball/softball/track (Michigan Tech mechanical engineering)

Ryan Wieferich 3.77 basketball/baseball (Grand Valley international business)

Allison Zuke 3.78 golf/tennis (MSU social science education)


Molly Bishop 3.80 cross country/basketball/track (Hope or Grand Valley biochemistry)

Samantha Black 3.66 equestrian/basketball (LCC and MSU animal science)

Jessica England 3.77 basketball/softball (Macomb CC pre-med)

Chase Flanery 3.51 tennis/baseball (undecided business)

John Grable 3.64 tennis/basketball/baseball (Cleary or Grand Valley accounting/physical therapy)

Clarice Hibbard 3.55 gymnastics/softball (LCC radoilogic technology)

Jacob Hubert 3.52 cross country/baseball (Michigan Tech chemical engineering)

Nicholas Keller 3.93 cross country/track (MSU engineering)

Jordan Klebba 3.38 football/baseball (Lawrence Tech mechanical engineering)

Jacob Prochnow 4.04 tennis/basketball/baseball (Michigan Tech engineering)


William Baugh 4.00 tennis/swimming/water polo (Central Michigan pre-pharmacy)

Claire Beckett 4.00 swimming/softball (Mount Holyoke international relations)

Bobby Berry 4.00 tennis/track (Yale physics)

Heather Holton 3.97 volleyball/track (Carnegie Mellon psychology)

Taryn King 3.96 volleyball/track (MSU or Hope dentisty)

Quinn McCabe 3.99 swimming/track (Wisconsin economics)

Alison Rich 4.00 volleyball/basketball/track (Hope kinesiology)

Andrew Stamm 3.97 tennis/swimming (MSU engineering)

Scot Stanulis 4.00 track/cross country/tennis (undecided genetics)

Conner Wilson 3.95 football basketball (MSU molecular biology)


Taylor Bovee 3.41 basketball/soccer (CMU physical therapy)

Dillon Braun 3.37 cross country/swimming (Grand Valley natural resource management)

Rochelle Burgess 3.10 dance/softball (CMU elementary education)

Natalie Climer 3.92 cheerleading/dance (MSU computer science)

Jenna Koelsch 4.15 cross country/soccer (Grand Valley bio medical science)

Joanna Miller 3.87 volleyball/basketball/soccer (MSU health occupations)

Eric Spohr 3.60 football/basketball/baseball (undecided undecided)

Sarah Swartz 4.22 volleyball/basketball (Hope bio chemistry)

Luke VanEss 3.47 cross country/swimming/golf (MSU engineering)

Brittany Wright 4.22 cross country/soccer (MSU or U-M business)


Jordan Bannan 4.27 golf/basketball,/softball (U-M biomedical engineering)

Madison Vanepps 4.17 volleyball/soccer (U-M undecided)

Megan Konopacke 4.10 volleyball/track (Case Western Reserve nursing)

Mackenzie Jones 3.96 volleyball/track (MSU physicians assistant)

Olivia Pritchett 3.91 cross country/soccer (MSU kinesiology/athletic training)

Brody Edington 3.86 football/track (MSU undecided)

Ally Beilfuss 3.85 cross country/track (U-M or MSU zoology)

Austin Klapko 3.85 baseball/basketball (LCC business/sports management)

Kendall Mallory 3.84 soccer/equestrian/basketball (MSU kinesiology)

Jennnifer Nicevski 3.82 volleyball/softball (MSU kinesiolog/physical therapy)


David Elzinga 4.00 swimming/golf (U-M aerospace engineering)

Mackenzie Graff 3.96 volleyball/soccer (CMU education)

Anthony Motz 3.75 soccer/football (MSU agricultural science)

Sarah Noonan 3.82 sideline/competitive cheer (Saginaw Valley undecided)

Collin Nurenberg 3.96 soccer/track (Saginaw Valley kinesiology)

Hannah Paksi 3.82 basketball/tennis (Grand Valley physical therapy)

Heather Pung 3.95 sideline/competitive cheer (MSU spanish education)

Bridget Voisin 3.80 cross country/track (Rutgers psychology/french)

Matthew Wiersma 3.84 soccer/track (Alma physical therapy/kinesiology)

Grant Worthington 3.79 football/track (U-M undecided)



Bruce Baker 3.88 cross country/track (LCC international journalism)

Michael Florian 3.79 football/cross country/track (CMU computer science)

Hannah Garn 3.98 cross country/track (Michigan Tech pre-med/music ed)

Margaret Goeman 3.99 volleyball/soccer (MSU or U-M biology)

Andrea Keenan 3.88 basketball/softball (Adrian business in marketing)

Ayren Parrish 3.89 basketball/track (Olivet graphic design)

Ashleigh Reinbold 4.00 volleyball/tennis (U-M actuary)

Kathleen Royale 3.92 cross country/softball (Grand Valley social work)

Lucy Sare 4.00 cross country/basketball/track (Trine biology/pre-med)

Danielle Sleight 3.85 basketball/soccer (Adrian psychology)

Colten Walser 3.77 football/track Olivet health sciences)


Alexis Babbitt 4.11 golf/tennis (U-M undecided)

Bailey Baker 3.98 volleyball/basketball/softball/track (U-M kinesiology)

Justin Carpenter 3.88 swimming/track (MSU architecture)

Meghan Dassance 3.92 basketball/track (undecided undecided)

Alyssa Gill 3.94 volleyball/tennis (U-M biology/pre-med)

Aimee Green 3.94 sideline/competitive cheer (CMU biology)

Timothy Letarte 4.00 cross country/track (undecided engineering)

Elizabeth Prieskorn 3.92 cross country/softball (U-M business administration)

Allison St. Aubin 3.95 cross country/track (MSU pre-optometry)

Andrew Wright 3.88 cross country/basketball/baseball (Spring Arbor civil engineering)


Karl Berkemeier 3.72 cross country/track (U-M or MSU medicine)

David Brewster 3.80 football/track (MSU plant/environmental biology)

Richard Cassell 4.00 football/soccer/hockey (Florida Golf Coast marine biology)

Justin Crowley 3.70 football/baseball (Jackson nursing)

Catherine Daly 3.76 cross country/track (Aquinas nursing)

Angela Hubert 3.97 basketball/soccer (Davenport health services administration)

Evan Kueffner 4.00 football/wrestling/track (Washington & Lee psychology)

Brittany Moyer 3.98 cheer/gymnastics (Grand Valley undecided)

Paige Pryson 3.87 basketball/soccer (Aquinas or CMU undecided)

Patrick Soltis 3.99 cross country/track (undecided English/physics)


Emma Bearinger 3.90 basketball/soccer (Seton Hill sports management)

Ashley Bunker 3.74 basketball/volleyball (Hillsdale exercise science)

Drew Galloway 3.78 football/basketball/baseball (MSU kinesiology)

Carly Jehnzen 3.99 volleyball/gymnastics/softball (CMU health science)

Paige Niciporek 3.77 volleyball/basketball/softball (Jackson nursing)

Taylor Roberts 3.87 cross country/basketball/soccer (MSU forensics)

Jacob Shields 3.94 football/basketball/track (Alma exercise science)

Dori Watts 3.94 golf/gymnastics/track (Lawrence Tech biomedical engineering)

Kortani Wilcox 3.78 sideline cheer/competitive cheer (Jackson nursing)

Benjamin Woodruff 3.87 soccer/cross country/basketball/track (U-M political science)


Erin Beebe 3.93 golf/tennis (MSU undecided)

Douglas Bradfield 3.90 basketball/baseball (undecided education)

Nicholas Carl 3.99 basketball/bowling/track (UNC-Asheville or U-M computer science)

Cole Dekett 3.95 football/track (WMU chemical engineering)

Hunter Erickson 3.96 football/golf (LCC and U-M medicine)

Gregory Ingle 4.00 cross country/track/soccer (LCC and MSU civil engineering)

Nathan Jones 4.00 football/basketball/track (Hillsdale mathematics)

Libbey Jones 4.00 cross country/track (Alma elementary education)

Quincie McCalla 3.98 gymnastics/track (undecided graphic design/marketing)

Paul Pioszak 3.80 cross country/track (CMU psychology)


Elizabeth Breton 4.00 volleyball/basketball (Siena Heights biology)

Tyler Claar 3.71 football/basketball/baseball (U-M engineering)

Gabriel Hendrickson 3.84 football/hockey/track (WMU endgineering)

John Hendrickson 3.64 football/hockey (Jackson pre-med)

Brock Hoffman 3.80 cross country/wrestling (Michigan Tech engineering, education)

Mackenzie Kellar 3.92 cross country/track (Wooster art)

Jamie Lundberg 3.74 volleyball/Gymnastics/track/softball (Saginaw Valley pharmacy/exercise science)

Henley Nowicki 4.00 golf/soccer (Albion pre-med)

Allison Snyder 4.00 cross country/track (Albion physical therapy)

Aaron White 3.74 football/wrestling (Anderson pre-med)


Kelli Broessel 4.00 cross country/track (MSU pre-dental)

Torien Harris 3.65 football/track (undecided finance)

Nathan Hiatt 3.65 football/basketball/track (Oklahoma State sports medicine)

Hanna Holmi 4.00 golf/tennis (MSU packaging)

Gregory Johnson 4.00 cross country/track (WMU bio-chemistry)

Lauren Miller 3.80 golf/soccer (undecided speech pathology/education)

Kelly Patterson 4.00 cross country/track (MSU mechanical engineering)

Rachael Rienstra 3.93 golf/basketball (U-M kinesiology/sports medicine)

Jeffrey Wheeler 3.80 soccer/bowling (MSU math/physics)

Courtney Young 3.60 volleyball/basketball/softball (Grand Rapids CC athletic training)



Frank Ardelean 4.00 football/track (undecided)

Kimberly Forbush 3.97 cross country/track (MSU pre-med)

Garrett Hurley 3.97 soccer/basketball/track (Lansing Community undecided)

Spencer Napier 3.97 soccer/basketball (Lansing Community undecided)

Kelsey Quinn 3.94 cross country/track (MSU or U-M finance)

Stephanie Rasmussen 4.00 cross country/tennis (U-M biomedical engineering)

Lauren Ruess 4.00 basketball/track (Colorado Mines petroleum engineering)

Brianna Stehlik 3.86 cross country/soccer (undecided engineering)

Tyler Thayer 3.97 cross country/wrestling/baseball (Hope undecided)

Kaila Watson 3.95 cross country/tennis (MSU english)


Olivia Barker 3.84 golf/softball (CMU finance)

Alex Caudy 3.76 tennis/basketball/baseball (Grand Valley physical therapy)

Monica Davis 3.88 cross country/track (undecided pre-law)

Drew Durkee 3.94 soccer/baseball (Grand Valley computer sciences)

Victoria Hager 3.98 golf/basketball (undecided undecided)

Brianna Horstman 3.78 sideline/competitive cheer (Grand Valley radiation therapy)

Nate Kauffman 3.95 soccer/basketball/track (MSU genetics)

Mallory Mayers 3.95 Sideline cheer/Competitive cheer (Ferris State pharmaceutical)

Doug Suntken 3.87 football/baseball (Albion pre-medicine)

Taylor VantLand 3.84 volleyball/basketball/softball (Adrian pre-medicine)


Ben Carl 3.83 hockey/lacrosse (Purdue or U-M egineering)

Anne Marie Dunneback 3.84 cross country/track (MSU nursing)

Kevin Isaac-Paul 3.93 cross country/Swim (U-M undecided)

Nicholas Kelsey 3.88 cross country/track (MSU undecided)

Spencer Lebel 3.88 soccer/swimming (CMU undecided)

Kathleen Maher 3.89 volleyball/softball (undecided undecided)

Ben Rentz 3.90 swimming/track (undecided undecided)

Jordan Royster 3.95 track/cross country (Ohio State or U-M neuroscience)

Austin Schertzing 3.93 football/baseball (Grand Valley business/marketing)

Hayden Theis 3.88 football/lacrosse (Marquette mechanical engineering)


Madison Adams 3.92 basketball/softball (LCC business)

Kathryn Blake 3.61 golf/basketball/tennis (MSU undecided)

Mary Brooks 3.97 volleyball/softball (Alma business/finance)

Marissa Feldpausch 3.79 sideline/competitive cheer (undecided dietetics)

Jacob Fox 3.89 football/baseball (undecided business)

Alexandra Grys 3.86 basketball/softball (undecided physical therapy)

Emily Merrifield 3.65 sideline/competitive cheer (Grand Rapids CC undecided)

Casey Miller 3.65 sideline cheer/wrestling (MSU equine studies)

Zachary Platte 3.84 tennis/golf (Oakland computer engineering)

Shelby Stanke 3.74 cross country/softball (Grand Valley undecided)


Christopher Balkus 3.48 football/wrestling/baseball (undecided )

Jenna Chapman 3.67 cross country/track (MSU journalism)

Kaleb Grammer 3.44 football/basketball (Olivet chemistry)

Laura Rickle 3.97 sideline cheer/competitive cheer (EMU undecided)

Nicholas Roberts 4.00 football/track (Grand Valley bio-medicial sciences)

Hope Salyer 3.99 sideline/competitive cheer (EMU public relations)

Kirsten Samulak 3.78 sideline cheer,Competitive cheer, (LCC nursing)

Lucas Showerman 3.54 football/basketball (Olivet health sciences)

Garrett Staebler 3.84 football/baseball (Air Force )

Breanna Taylor 3.42 volleyball/basketball (LCC veterinary technology)


Walker Bradley 3.78 football/track (Grand Valley business)

Patrick Catton 3.96 soccer/track (Arizona State chemical engineering)

Caitlyn Chick 3.96 tennis/volleyball (MSU undecided)

Kristen Hairston 3.83 swimming/lacrosse (Carthage political science/PR)

Alexander Krantz 3.95 cross country/track (MSU pharmacy)

Angela Maurer 3.89 cross country/basketball/track (Aquinas undecided)

Allyssa Milam 3.99 basketball/soccer (Northern Michigan undecided)

Jordan Schultz 3.97 football/golf (WMU accounting)

Benjamin Thoenes 3.89 cross country/basketball/track (Grand Valley undecided)

Derek Wisbiski 3.96 football/baseball (MSU packaging)


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