Chicago power lobbies for new gym with pre-game warmup shirts

Chicago power lobbies for new gym with pre-game warmup shirts

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Chicago power lobbies for new gym with pre-game warmup shirts


There may be more committed campaigns ongoing in the professional sports space, but one high school team staked its claim for attention by taking a page from the LeBron Jameses of the world and wearing their beliefs on their chests, let alone their sleeves.

The drive is simple: Construct a new high school gym for Morgan Park High School. Unfortunately the theory in this case is much more simple and yet difficult than any immediate solution will be able to prove.

Leading up to a heated matchup against crosstown rival  Simeon Career Academy, Morgan Park players took to their warm-up wardrobe to make clear their desire for a new gym, statehouse or field house, whatever you’d like to call it. Just as  James called for justice for Eric Garner, Morgan Park players donned shirts that simplay said, “We Need a Gym.”

The reason for Morgan Park’s need is a lack of scalability is its sheer lack of seats. Morgan Park is a two-time defending state champ and, quite naturally, tends to draw a crowd. Unfortunately it’s entirely possible for many of those fans to be turned away because they can’t fit inside Simeon’s rather petite gym.

Hence the calls for a new one, from one and all, with a goal of easing the strain on Morgan Park, Whitney Young (which hosts some top Morgan Park games) and even Chicago State University, where some really big games have been trotted out.

Could Morgan receive a new gym soon? There are obviously plenty of priorities to weigh in greater Chicagoland. Whether Morgan Park’s athletic facilities can earn a spot on that list is a decision for those officials to make. For their parts the athletes, students and other fans seem to be quite clear that Morgan Park deserves a new gym, if not even more.


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