Chop-Up: Big K.R.I.T.

Chop-Up: Big K.R.I.T.

Celeb Chop-Up

Chop-Up: Big K.R.I.T.


It’s certainly not uncommon for celebs on the Chop-Up to boast about their athletic prowess back in the day; it is, however, rare that those celebs can back up said dominance with actual facts.

Big K.R.I.T. turned out to be one of the first.

“I actually threw a no-hitter to win the state championship,” said the rapper/producer. “Oh yeah; I was pretty nice now!”

I caught up with Big K.R.I.T. to chop-it-up about everything from his baseball playing days to preparing for his new album Cadillactica to how he dominates at Call of Duty.

Jason Jordan: I know you went to Meridian High (Meridian, Miss.); did you play sports there?

Big K.R.I.T.: Oh yeah I played baseball.

JJ: Were you nice or were you ‘eh?’

BK: (Laughs) Oh yeah I was pretty nice now! Music took over my life later, but before that it was all about baseball. Going pro was something that I was aspiring to do… Now to say if I would’ve been able to go pro, that’s another question. I’d like to think I could’ve made it.

JJ: What position?

BK: Outfield, catcher and I pitched a little bit too.

JJ: Let’s say you were the No. 1 high school baseball player in the country your senior year, where would you have signed on to play in college?

BK: I would’ve gone with the Tar Heels. I always wanted to play at North Carolina.

JJ: Give me your shining moment on the diamond?

BK: I once pitched a no-hitter to win the state championship one year. It was in Biloxi, Mississippi. I remember it like that!

JJ: That’ll get it done; still got it?

BK: (Laughs) Ooh, I haven’t thrown a baseball in years; I might hurt somebody out there.

JJ: Let’s take it random; what do yellow traffic lights mean to you?

BK: (Laughs) Caution. I don’t know who still thinks they can make it through that light.

JJ: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

BK: Let me tell you it’s gotta be people that’ll lie right to your face. At that point I become the interviewer. I just ask more questions to make them lie even more.

JJ: What competition based reality show would you absolutely win?

BK: The Voice!

JJ: What’s your favorite app?

BK: Uber! I love it; you can catch a cab from anywhere.

JJ: What random game are you the king of?

BK: Call of Duty!

JJ: What’s your gametag?

BK: (Laughs) Ooh man! You’re trying to put me out there. It’s ThisIzKrizzle. Let’s get it!

JJ: Unfortunately you’ve found yourself in the Witness Protection Program; what’s your cover name?

BK: Bobby “Ice Cold” Black.

JJ: Won’t that attract a little attention?

BK: (Laughs) But see that’s the best part, no one would expect a person in Witness Protection to be named Bobby “Ice Cold” Black! They’d be looking for Steven Johnson. Reverse psychology!

JJ: What fast food restaurant has the best fries?

BK: Ooh that’s tough. Checker’s fries are up there. It’s between them and Chick-fil-A.

JJ: What movie absolutely deserves a sequel?

BK: There Will Be Blood; I need to know what happened.

JJ: Talk or text?

BK: I’m a talker. You can always call and ask me something.

JJ: Who would you not want to meet in a dark alley?

BK: Any random, dangerous person. Actually, here’s my question for you… What am I doing in a dark alley?

JJ: What old fad would you love to see make a comeback?

BK: Old vintage Nike track suits. I’ve got a few of ’em too!

JJ: Let’s hop into the DeLorean time machine (Back to the Future), what era would you want to drop in on?

BK: Raps golden era; around 1994. I’d love that.

JJ: Would you rather have the power to be invisible of the power to read minds?

BK: Invisible. Reading folks minds could mess you up mentally.

JJ: Blindfolded can you tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke?

BK: Yes!

JJ: What’s your secret talent?

BK: I dabble in art a little bit.

JJ: What sitcom intro song do you know every word of?

BK: Fresh Prince!

JJ: What random fact can you reel off to me right now?

BK: David Ruffin was from Meridian, Mississippi.

JJ: Out to the movies or Netflix?

BK: Out to the movies.

JJ: Twitter or Instagram?

BK: Twitter because I can interact with my fans more.

JJ: You’ve got Mount Olympus out and that’s doing really well; talk about what fans can expect from you this summer.

BK: Cadillactica is the new album and we’re releasing it this fall so I’m finishing that up now. I’m working with a lot of different producers on it and I’m really excited about it because it’s really showing my growth as an artist. Trying to create a planet on wax is challenging, but I just never want to do things that are traditional or stay in the same box. I’ll be touring after that. I’m also really excited for fans to be able to see the producer side of me. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to work with other artists and I’m proud of what we’re putting together.

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Chop-Up: Big K.R.I.T.
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