Chop-Up: DJ Khaled talks about his superior shooting skills, new album and lots more

Chop-Up: DJ Khaled talks about his superior shooting skills, new album and lots more

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Chop-Up: DJ Khaled talks about his superior shooting skills, new album and lots more


DJ Khaled said he's a gifted shooter on the basketball court. / FYIPR

DJ Khaled said he’s a gifted shooter on the basketball court. / FYIPR

You’d almost expect a guy whose go-to slogan is “we the best” to be good in sports… Or, at the very least, be confident about his abilities.

DJ Khaled trumps even confidence when talking about his innate ability to get buckets on the basketball court.

“Man, listen we the best!” Khaled said. “When it comes to shooting I’m more going for Larry Bird, ya know, Michael Jordan! When it comes to shooting it’s the same as music… We the best!”

I caught up with DJ Khaled to chop-it-up about everything from his hoop skills to his new album I’ve Changed A lot to why he feels like he could win Survivor.

Jason Jordan: I always like to gauge the sports backgrounds and experiences of my guests on the Chop-Up; I know you went to Dr. Phillips High in Orlando, did you play sports there?

DJ Khaled: I didn’t play for Dr. Phillips, but, coming up I played basketball and soccer. I loved playing both.

JJ: Which was your best sport?

DJK: Probably basketball; I play that more and I’m a good shooter. I can play too, but my thing is definitely shooting, I’m nice!

JJ: OK, but what does that mean you’re a good shooter? Like “I can beat Ray Allen in HORSE” good shooter?

DJK: Oh man, I’m more going for Larry Bird, ya know, Michael Jordan! When it comes to shooting it’s the same as music… We the best!

JJ: Give me your shooting victim list on the court.

DJK: French Montana, me and Meek Mill are tied, me and Rick Ross are tied, I’ve beat Jeremih; ya know I’ve got a couple solid wins under my belt!

JJ: Your new album I’ve Changed A lot could help some teams if they could just grasp that concept. Who do you feel needs to be able to say that by season’s end?

DJK: Well, you know what Jason, when I say I’ve Changed A lot I mean it in a sense of winning more and being even greater than I already was. So the way I mean it is you’re being an even better winner! I’m a Miami Heat fan so I feel like we’re gonna always win. They can’t do any wrong in my eyes. We’ll get greater. We’ll get new guys and win like that. We the best!

JJ: Even LeBron-less?

DJK: Shoutout to LeBron, nothing but love for him, but we’re definitely not missing a beat with him gone. Sometimes you’ve gotta remind people that the Miami Heat were winning before he got there and we’ll keep winning. Teamwork makes the dream work.

JJ: Perfect place to go random; what fast food restaurant has the best burgers?

DJK: Probably In-N-Out!

JJ: What random game are you the king of?

DJK: Tonk!

JJ: Who wins a heavyweight title fight between Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali?

DJK: Ooh, I can’t even pick that one they’re too great! I look up to both of those guys; two legends right there.

JJ: What was your worst pre-fame job?

DJK: I was a busboy at Shoney’s! Definitely that one.

JJ: What movie absolutely deserves a sequel?

DJK: I’d love to see a sequel for Troy.

JJ: What’s the most overused slang word or phrase?

DJK: This is my fault because I made it, but “making a movie.” Yeah that’s kinda run its course.

JJ: You’ve unfortunately found yourself in the Witness Protection Program, what’s your cover name going to be?

DJK: Oh no, I don’t know anything about that. I’d never be in that one right there.

JJ: You tap a car in a parking lot and no one’s around, do you leave a note or move to a different row?

DJK: Ooh, you know what I’m an honest guy; I’d try my hardest to get someone’s attention so we can get it taken care of.

JJ: What was your worst childhood punishment?

DJK: That belt man! Whew, I respect it, but I didn’t like it.

JJ: How would you use a rewind button in life?

DJK: I’d use it in a positive way and I’d try and make everything that much greater.

JJ: Talk or text?

DJK: Both. Sometimes the texts don’t come across right and I’m the type of person that likes to be really clear.

JJ: Give me your top five rappers of all time?

DJK: In no particular order; Biggie, Jay Z, Pac, Rozay and Nas.

JJ: Who would you not want to meet in a dark alley?

DJK: The devil!

JJ: What competition based reality show would you absolutely win?

DJK: Survivor! That’s what I am; I go hard!

JJ: What’s the best fortune cookie message you’ve ever cracked open?

DJK: I don’t know specifically which one, but what I will tell you is that if I like the message inside I always eat the cookie it came out of. I eat it and I embrace it!

JJ: What random fact can you tell me right now?

DJK: We the best!

JJ: We’ve got I’ve Changed A lot coming next year and the single Hold You Down is doing really well so congrats on that. Talk about what fans can expect from the new album and everything else you’ve got going on.

DJK: Thank you so much Jason! I’ve got the amazing headphones coming out partnered with Heads Audio and Bang Olufsen so I’m really excited about that. Of course I’m excited to put out another No. 1 record and I’m excited about the album. When you’re dealing with DJ Khaled you’re dealing with greatness, you’re dealing with anthems and everybody that’s on my album is probably your favorite! Expect me to do what I always do – win!

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