Chop-Up: R&B star Trevor Jackson discusses new album, his sports background and more

Chop-Up: R&B star Trevor Jackson discusses new album, his sports background and more

Celeb Chop-Up

Chop-Up: R&B star Trevor Jackson discusses new album, his sports background and more


R&B star Trevor Jackson said he once had his sights set on a basketball career. /Dante Marshall

R&B star Trevor Jackson said he once had his sights set on a basketball career. / Dante Marshall

Trevor Jackson is one of those rare people who was born with that “good at everything” gene. Acting, singing, dancing, etc. – Jackson always ends up on top.

That trait served the singer/actor well coming up in athletics too.

“At 3-years-old I started playing basketball and I was really good,” Jackson said. “My plan was to pursue that.”

That is until skateboarding and surfing piqued his interest.

“I taught myself how to skate and surf,” Jackson said. “I loved it. It’s hard to say which sport was my best sport. If I dedicate time to it, I’ll usually be good at it.”

I caught up with Jackson to chop-it-up about everything from his wide-array of sports interests to his forthcoming album to why he feels it’s time to retire the word “Swag.”

Jason Jordan: For obvious reasons, I always like to gauge the sports abilities/experiences of my guests on the Chop-Up; you grew up in Indianapolis, did you play sports coming up?

Trevor Jackson: Let me tell you, at 3-years-old I started playing basketball and I was really good. My plan was to pursue that. Then when I turned five, I was all in to skateboarding and surfing. I taught myself how to skate and surf. I loved it. I just love anything athletically challenging. I just started playing golf for that reason – I’m pretty good now.

JJ: Which was your best sport?

TJ: It depends. If I dedicate time to it I’ll usually be really good at it. It’s hard to say which sport is my best sport. Basketball was my first love though.

JJ: What was your shining moment?

TJ: I’d have to say one time when I blocked this dude’s shot that was way bigger than me. He was coming in and I just threw it outta there. Then there are those days where you don’t even know how, but you’re hitting every shot you take! One day of the year I’m like Michael Jordan out there; only one day though! The rest of the days I’m just Trevor; just not as good.

JJ: Let’s say you’re the No. 1 high school basketball player in the country; where would you sign on to play college ball?

TJ: Ooh that’s a great question; I’d probably have to go with IU since I’m from there. I’d want to be the guy to bring the team a lot of success, I wouldn’t want to go to a situation that already had a lot of success; not to say IU doesn’t already have a lot of success. My ideal scenario would be where I’d come in and lead the team to the Final Four.

JJ: Let’s take it random; what fast food restaurant has the best burgers?

TJ: That’s a good one; I’d have to say it’s between Wendy’s and In-N-Out.

JJ: Both in their prime, who wins a heavyweight boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson?

TJ: I don’t even have to hear who the other person is, Ali wins. That’s my guy! Of course everyone knows who he is growing up, but when I hit 13 years old I, literally, for a whole month, watched every video of him. His life is such an accomplishment; he’s a hero of mine.

JJ: If there’s 100 percent no way you’d ever get caught what crime would you commit?

TJ: (Laughs) Oh wow! That’s a great question; I might learn something about myself off this answer. I’d somehow switch my income with Bill Gates.

JJ: Unfortunately you’ve found yourself in the Witness Protection Program, give me your cover name?

TJ: (Laughs) Bruce Banner aka The Hulk! No one’s looking for Bruce.

JJ: At stop signs are you more of a sliding stopper or a complete stopper?

TJ: Ooh that depends; sometimes I’m a sliding stopper because I know the area and I know what to look for. If I’m in an area that I’m using a GPS with I’d come to a complete stop.

JJ: What movie absolutely deserves a sequel?

TJ: Well, this was the sequel but it needs another movie: Rise of the Planet of the Apes, bro! I was blown away by it. I thought it was the best movie I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how they’ll top it.

JJ: What’s the most overused slang word?

TJ: Oh definitely “turn-up” or “swag.” I’m ready to retire those.

JJ: What’s your biggest pet-peeve?

TJ: Insecurity. I don’t get that; we were all made the way we’re gonna be so just get past that and do you!

JJ: If you could’ve been a fly on the wall for any past historic event which one would you pick?

TJ: The first thing that came to my mind was when Martin Luther King Jr. was either marching or I’d like to stop the guy who shot him. If I’m a fly I guess I’d have to buzz in his ear so he’d miss the shot or something.

JJ: While parking you tap the car behind you and no one’s around; do you leave a note or move to a different row?

TJ: (Laughs) I’d get out and check for marks and, depending on the mark size, I’d decide to either leave or leave that note.

JJ: How would you use a rewind button in life?

TJ: I don’t think I’d push it. I feel like if I changed something I’ve been through it would change the path. I don’t know if I’d be where I’m at in life. I feel like I’ve grown so much and I’m still growing. That’s a good place to be.

JJ: Finish this sentence: I can’t function without…

TJ: You’ll find this weird; I’m lactose intolerant and I can’t function without cheese. If cheese was a woman; she’d be my wife. Mainly sharp and white cheddar. That and music.

JJ: What’s your favorite gadget?

TJ: PS3, easy!

JJ: Talk or text?

TJ: Talk; I hate texting it takes too long.

JJ: What’s your best fortune cookie message?

TJ: Bro, I went to P.F. Chang’s one time and the fortune cookie message said something great was gonna happen on November 28 and something really big happened on that date. I can’t remember what it was, but it was really dope!

JJ: Twitter or Instagram?

TJ: Ooh that’s hard! I prefer Instagram because you get more of a person up there. You get to see more of their life, but I like both.

JJ: What’s your dream collaboration?

TJ: Ooh, alive would be Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rascal Flatts. Dead would be Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Donny Hathaway.

JJ: You’ve got your album coming later this year and the new single “Me Likey” which is doing really well; talk about what fans can expect from you the rest of the summer and beyond?

TJ: Right now we don’t have a release date for the album and we’re still working on the title, but it will definitely be out this year and I’m really, really excited about it. I can’t even lie; this album is gonna be so different from what anyone has heard from an artist. Every song is really close to me. I feel like I’ve got songs that force you to pay attention to the words and you’ll get it. When we have the album release party I want it to be in a movie theater that’s pitch black so people really focus on what’s being said. I just really focused on making every record “that one!” I’m just really blessed and thankful to be doing what I’m doing and I know it’s something that all of my fans will really enjoy.

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