Class 1A-4A All-Metro girls basketball player of the year -- Janie Hampton -- 5-foot-4 senior guard | Trinity

Class 1A-4A All-Metro girls basketball player of the year -- Janie Hampton -- 5-foot-4 senior guard | Trinity


Class 1A-4A All-Metro girls basketball player of the year -- Janie Hampton -- 5-foot-4 senior guard | Trinity


■ Averaged 19 points, five rebounds and five steals for the Wildcats, who finished 26-3 and reached the Class 3A semifinals.

■ Class 3A second-team All-State, the first time the Trinity girls have had an All-State player since 1997.

■ Playing time had to be carefully monitored because of her exercise-induced compartment syndrome, a condition that could cause her legs to flare with pain.

■ Finished with 31 points on 11-of-17 shooting in the Central Regional finals, helping Trinity win its first regional since 2000.

■ Scored a career-high 33 points in a December win over Prattville Christian.

■ Was most valuable player of the post-Christmas CCC tournament, which Trinity won for the first time since 1996.

■ Is also a star volleyball and soccer player. In soccer, she entered the season with 114 career goals, 18 shy of fourth in AHSAA history.

Enjoyable basketball season?

“It was a great year, so exciting, and I loved every single minute of it.”

Back into soccer?

“I love being outside and being able to run and sweat in the outdoors. That was a lot of fun. Just getting back into that sport was awesome.”

Leg condition?

“It’s hurting, but it’s a lot better on grass, so I don’t feel it as much as I did in basketball. We might need to put some grass in the gym.”

Favorite TV show?

“My favorite TV show is probably “Twisted.” It’s a new show that came out at the end of last year. It’s about this guy who says he was framed for a murder. They’re still in the first season, so we’re trying to figure out if he’s really innocent or not. It’s good and scary.”

Favorite song?

“‘The Champ’ by Nelly. It’s what our team listened to all season. It’s just about today is the day that we’ve been dreaming of. It started with the first practice. That was our team motto and what we listened to before every game.”

Goofiest teammate?

“The goofiest is probably Claire Wilder. She’s just hilarious. Everything she does makes everybody laugh. I don’t know if there’s anything specific. The way she acts is just so funny.”

Last movie you saw?

“I can’t even remember the last movie I saw. I don’t watch movies and I don’t go to the theater. I don’t have time for movies, and it’s hard for me to sit still and watch something for that long. I love to be moving and doing stuff. I just don’t watch movies. Everybody thinks I’m really weird for that, but movies are not my thing.”

Favorite subject?

“It’s probably chemistry. I love chemistry. It’s hard and it always gives me a challenge. It’s very interesting, too, and I love my teacher. She makes class fun for us.”

Least-favorite subject?

“My least-favorite subject is probably history. History just doesn’t interest me that much. It kind of bores me. It’s a lot of memorization.”

Favorite sport?

“I’d have to say it’s soccer. I like the game of soccer and how you play it. I like to run a lot. It has more space and is kind of more freeing than basketball, just because it’s bigger and there’s more ground to cover. That’s my favorite sport.”

Doesn’t hurt, either.

“Right. It doesn’t hurt as much to play.”


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