Class 6A: Carver still hurting from Mountain Brook beatdown

Class 6A: Carver still hurting from Mountain Brook beatdown


Class 6A: Carver still hurting from Mountain Brook beatdown


A month has barely passed, and the G.W. Carver Wolverines are still smarting from seeing Spartan Swag swing in their faces.

Mountain Brook left a vivid impression on the Wolverines, and for more than just its brightly colored uniforms.

The Spartans, who face Carver in Wednesday’s Class 6A boys semifinals, took more than just a victory over the Wolverines a month ago. They also took a little of Carver’s pride.

“We took it personal,” Carver guard Harold Cardwell said. “They came down here and made a statement.”

The final score may now escape the Wolverines, but the embarrassment remains.

Only Carver’s homecourt winning streak remained intact after Mountain Brook’s 67-46 victory on Jan. 25 only because the game was played at AUM.

The Spartans scored the game’s first 10 points, never trailed and soon ascended to No. 1 in the Class 6A rankings. They replaced Carver.

“It shocked us. It shocked us and our fans,” guard Caleb Provitt said. “It hurt us because we’ve never been down like that before.

“They blew us out. They woke us up.”

The Wolverines say the loss led to changes in their attitudes and commitment.

After missing 17 free throws and suffering 18 turnovers in last month’s game, they say they’re more focused. The overconfidence they now admit to, they say, has disappeared.

“If you don’t come to play, you should expect to get beat like that,” senior forward Demetrius Houston said. “We learned from our mistakes in that game. We can’t depend on just our talent; we have to work.

“Nothing is going to be given to us just because of who we are.”

Carver has won seven straight games since the loss. The Spartans (32-3) haven’t lost, either. Mountain Brook has a 22-game winning streak.

“We hate losing, like everybody hates losing,” Cardwell said. “We had to take the loss and regroup. We had to get better.”


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