Class AA South Preview

Class AA South Preview


Class AA South Preview


“Jamestown is favored to repeat”

Orchard Park & Jamestown will meet in week 7, which should decide the League Title.

Jamestown returns several quality starters, led by Zach Panebianco, Stephen Carlson, and Joe Mistretta. The Red Raiders have tough non-league opponents in Sweet Home and Canisius.

Quakers have some of the top skill players in Kevin Goltz, Dylan Janca, and William Meyers.

Frontier has a new Head Caoch in Mark Privateer, several returning linemen and a tremendous leader and player in Paul Brinkel. Falcons’ season could depend on the play of the QB.

Lancaster’s team will be sparked by Senior QB Justin Hersey, who transferred from St. Mary’s and could make a difference this season for the Redskins. They’ll face competition from Dan Speyer.

The Red Devils need to put points on the board to have a good season. They’ll host Orchard Park and Jamestown in weeks 5 and 6.

Indians will be young, but should improve this season.

1. Jamestown
2. Orchard Park
3. Frontier
4. Clarence
5. Lancaster
6. West Seneca West

Jamestown: Key to the season will be the play of the QB.

Orchard Park: Quakers have an abundance of quality skill players, led by Kevin Goltz and Dillon Jenca.

Frontier: Falcons’ strength will be the line.

Clarence: Red Devils are in need of an offensive spark, as they only averaged 17 points in 2013.

Lancaster: Redskins could be a surprise.

West Seneca West: Indians need to put points on the board; they will be a young team.

Clarence: Britton Mann
Frontier: Paul Brinkel
Jamestown: Zach Panebianco
Lancaster: Tom Heist
Orchard Park: Kevin Goltz
West Seneca West: Sean Kline


Red Raiders won their first Sectional Title since 2000 in 2013. Returning are several quality starters in All-WNY first-teamers Stephen Carlson, Zach Panebianco, Joe Mistretta, Ben Larson, Jacis Blake, Kevin Mosely and Zacc Kinsey, who will all be key players. They have outstanding non-league games, playing at Sweet Home in week 1 and hosting Canisius in week 4. They host Orchard Park in week 7, which should decide the League Title.

Nick Holland, Jr., takes over for Jake Sisson at QB; should be an interesting Championship game at the Stadium in November. Talent from the 6-1-1 JV team will help Tom Langworthy’s squad.

Head Coach: Tom Langworthy (38-20-0, 6 years)
Assistant Coaches: David Munella, Richie Joly, Ryan Clakins, Mike Baker, John O’Brien, Arrick Davis.
2013 Varsity Record: 10-1-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 7, Defense is 8.
Key Players: Stephen Carlson, Zach Panebianco, Joe Mistretta, Ben Larson, Jacis Blake, Kevin Mosely, Zacc Kinsey, Nate Vasquez, Damien Jackson, Matt Nazzaro, Nick Holland, Damien Jackson, Jeremy Bush
Key Losses: Jake Sisson, Quinn Lee Yaw, Eric Tingue, Da’Quan Hollingsworth
2013 JV Record: 6-1-1


Quakers look to return to Championship game at the Stadium in November; they have some of the top skill players in WNY in Dillon Janca, Kevin Goltz and William Myers, who are all WNY-Candidates. Other key players include Jake Dogal, Hunter Drew, and Matt Perla. Talent from the undefeated JV team will help Gene Tundo’s squad. They play at Frontier in week 1 and Jamestown in week 7. Terius Wheatley will be the feature running back after transferring from Canisius.

Head Coach: Gene Tundo (167-31-0, 20 years)
Assistant Coaches: Chuck Senn, Craig Dana
2013 Varsity Record: 6-3-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 5.
Key Players: Kevin Goltz, Dillon Janca, Hunter Drew, Matt Perla, Jake Dogal, William Myers, Terius Wheatley, and Nathaniel Burnard.
Key Losses: Dawson Hillis, DeSean Walker, Jake Cullen, Ryan Falsone
2013 JV Record: 8-0


Mark Privateer takes over the helm from Tim Myslinski. Falcons made it to the Title game before losing to Jamestown last year. Falcons are 12-7 over the past two years. They return several quality players in All-WNY Candidates Paul Brinkel, Blake Podger, Justin DeLaRosa, Derek Derr and Zach O’Connor. They host Orchard Park in the opener. They play at Jamestown in week 5 & will be competitive. The key to the season will be the play of the QB and to put points on the board.

Head Coach: Mark Privateer (1st year)
Assistant Coaches: Jim Steffen, Joe Fasciana, Edwin Streety
2013 Varsity Record: 7-3-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 6, Defense is 4.
Key Players: Paul Brinkel, Blake Popgen, Justin DeLaRosa, Derek Dorr, Zach O’Connor, Trevor Koch, Kevin Leavelle, Jr., Paul Strawbrich, Jr., Zack Kmitch.
Key Losses: Cameron Coon, A.J. Licata, Adrian Cannon, Ricky Fitzgerald
2013 JV Record: 5-3-0


Redskins lost several starters to graduation and JVs posted a 3-4 mark in 2013. Key players will include All-WNY Candidates Alex Damiani, Justin Hersey, and Tom Heist. Other key players will be Tyler Lis and Dan Emersen and Dan Speyer. They host Jamestown in week 2 and play at Orchard Park in week 6. They will be competitive. The key to the season will be the play of the line. Justin Hersey, Sr. QB, transferred from St. Mary’s and should be a valuable addition to the Redskins’ roster. Open with Lockport at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Head Coach: Chris Dickson (6-11-0, 2 years)
Assistant Coaches: Brian Wild, Mike Scarpello, Tom O’Donnell, Brandon Benhaw
2013 Varsity Record: 5-4-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 3, Defense is 4.
Key Players: Alex Damiani, Tom Heist, Tyler Lis, Dan Emerson, Dan Speyer, Kyle Betcher
Key Losses: Mitch Fuller, Matt Szymanski, Dan Corbi, Kevin Colafranceschi
2013 JV Record: 3-4-0


Red Devils have recorded 10 wins in the past two season. They have All-WNY Candidates in Bill Lorenz and Britton Mann. Other key players include Stephen Marzano, Brandon Ruszala, Nick Audino, Spencer DiMitroff and Miguel Campbell. JVs were 3-5 in 2013. They will be competitive – Clarence hosts Orchard Park and Jamestown in weeks 5 & 6, and play St. Joe’s in week 2. Scott Pinto should take over at QB.

Head Coach: Mark Layer (12-14-0, 3 years)
Assistant Coaches: Mark Kensy, Paul Burgio
2013 Varsity Record: 3-6-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 4, Defense is 5.
Key Players: Britton Mann, Bill Lorenz, Nick Audino, Miguel Campbell, Spencer DiMitroff, Stephen Marzano, Angelo Marzullo, Nick Beborth, Anthony Carlson, Chris Griner, Brandon Ruszala, Josh Sweeney, Jonny Schmidt, Scott Pinto
Key Losses: Emaure Williams, Joe Wesolowski
2013 JV Record: 3-5-0


Indians look to rebound after last year’s winless season. Key players for Joe Cantafio’s squad include Sean Kline, Nick Cafarell, Mitchell Piddisi and Matthew Haettich; they could struggle again this season. Indians host Clarence in the opener.

Head Coach: Joe Cantafio (24-51-9, 9 years)
Assistant Coaches: Dave Recor, Jim Kuhn
2013 Varsity Record: 8-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 4, Defense is 5.
Key Players: Sean Kline, Nick Cafarell, Mitchell Piddisi, Matthew Haettich, Louis DiChristopher, David Irizarry, Aleksander Grinder, Chris Walker, Tim Skea, Ryan Sherk, Dawson Broad.
Key Losses: Pete Walsh, Chris Walker



QB – Dillon Janca, Orchard Park
QB – Nick Holland, Jamestown
RB – Zacc Kinsey, Jamestown
RB – Spencer DiMitroff, Clarence
RB – William Meyers, Orchard Park
TE – Tyler Lis, Lancaster
WR – Stephen Carlson, Jamestown
WR – Kevin Goltz, Orchard Park
OL – Bill Lorenz, Clarence
OL – Miguel Campbell, Clarence
OL – Jacis Blake, Jamestown
OL – Justin DeLaRosa, Frontier
RS – Trevor Koch, Frontier


DL – Britton Mann, Clarence
DL – Joe Mistretta, Jamestown
DL – Tom Heist, Lancaster
LB – Kevin Moseley, Jamestown
LB – Alex Damiani, Lancaster
LB – Nate Vasquez, Jamestown
LB – Zach O’Connor, Frontier
LB – Brandon Ruszala, Clarence
DB – Zach Panebianco, Jamestown
DB – Ben Larson, Jamestown
DB – Paul Brinkel, Frontier
P – Sean Kline, West Seneca West
RS – Ryan Scherk, West Seneca West


Coach with the Most Wins: Gene Tundo, Orchard Park

Top Academic Achievers: Blake Podger, Frontier; Stephen Carlson & Joe Mistretta, Jamestown; Bill Lorenz, Clarence.

Strongest: Joe Mistretta, Jamestown

Fastest: Paul Brinkel, Frontier; Kevin Goltz, Orchard Park

Biggest: Stephen Carlson, Jamestown

Best Nickname: Kevin “Bambi” Goltz, Orchard Park

Best Cheerleaders: Lancaster

Top Complex: Jamestown/Orchard Park

Best Rushers: Zacc Kinsey, Jamestown

Top Wide Receiver: Stephen Carlson, Jamestown; Kevin Goltz, Orchard Park

Top Defensive Players: Zach Panebianco, Jamestown; Matt Perla, Orchard Park

Top Lineman: Joe Mistretta, Jamestown

Major Impact Player: Kevin Goltz, Orchard Park; Paul Brinkel, Frontier

Team with the Most Section Titles: Orchard Park

Best Dressed: Bill Lorenz, Jamestown

Most Photogenic: Ben Larson, Jamestown

Best Dancer: Justin DeLaRosa, Frontier

Best Comedian: Alex Damiani, Lancaster

Game Changer: Dillon Janca, Orchard Park

Must-See Game: Orchard Park @ Jamestown (Oct. 17th)

Most Loquacious: David Munella, Jamestown

Unsung Player: Kevin Moseley, Jamestown

Players You Will Get to Know: Paul Brinkel, Frontier

Biggest Question Mark: Play of QBs at Jamestown, Orchard Park and Frontier.

Top Sophomores: Dillon Janca, Orchard Park

Top Juniors: Zacc Kinsey, Jamestown; Terius Wheatley, Orchard Park

Top Seniors: Matt Perla, Orchard Park; Zach Panebianco, Jamestown; Kevin Goltz, Orchard Park; Stephen Carlson, Jamestown; Joe Mistretta, Jamestown.

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