Class B Playoff Scenario: After Week 6

Class B Playoff Scenario: After Week 6


Class B Playoff Scenario: After Week 6

Class B Playoff Scenario: After Week 6


Class B Playoff Scenario: After Week 6

(This is from the Section VI Committee)




3.Albion/Medina winner

4.Albion/Medina loser

5.LP, Barker, & Newfane will play match-up games




3. Maryvale
(This will not change even if Maryvale beats Cheektowaga by 20. That would give all three, one loss, and all beat eachother. Even a 20 point win b y Maryvale gives them a PD of +46. A 20 point loss by Cheektowaga gives them a PD of +47. Cheektowaga would take the #1 seed. Depew beat Maryvale head to head so they get #2 seed, and Maryvale gets #3.)

4.Alden/Amherst winner

5.Alden/Amherst loser will play Tonawanda in a match-up game


1. East Aurora
(will clinch with one more win. Fredonia needs a win and an East Aurora loss to get #1 seed)


3. Olean
(a win helps to get #3 seed, but not a guarantee. An Olean loss eliminates them from the playoffs)

(a win with an Olean loss could jump them to #2 seed. A Dunkirk win and an Olean win creates a three-way tie where they all beat each other, so it depends on PD. If you add an East Aurora loss into that, you could have four teams at 4-2. East Aurora would have beaten all of them, so they get #1 seed.)

4.Springville, Pioneer, and Eden will play match-up games.

If Cheektowaga and Bennett both win, they will have the same winning percentage. It will go to PD average. If Bennett wins by 17, they would clinch #1 seed. Cheektowaga would be #2, B South would get #3. If either Cheektowaga or Bennett lose, the other is #1, and it go to win/loss percentage with B South for #2, and #3. If it’s the same, it goes to PD average. For seeds 4-6, it is difficult until B South is settled because there are too many possibilities. If Burgard wins and is 5-1, East aurora wins and takes #1, Fredonia wins and take s#2 at 5-1, Burgard and Fredonia would get #4 & #5 because 5-1 has higher percentage than 4-1 for Depew. Even if Fredonia wins by 20 their PD would be +48. Burgard is already +49, so a Burgard win gets them the #4 seed. Fredonia would get #5 and Depew #6. If Fredonia were to lose and some team in B South takes 2nd place in their division at 4-2, then Depew jumps to #5 and the B South 2nd Place team goes to #6. If Burgard loses, Depew would jump as well.

For the #7 & #8 seeds, it appears Medina/Albion winner will get the #7 spot unless Maryvale wins. If Maryvale wins, their 4-1 record would put them at #7. Thent he Medina/Albion winner would finish at 4-2 and have to beat out the B South 3rd place tame who would also be 4-2. If the B South 3rd place team is 3-3, they are out of the playoffs. B North and MAryval would go regardless because one B North team will be 4-2. Even a Maryvale loss puts them at 3-2 which is better than 3-3.


Courtesy Dick Gallagher 2014 Regular Season Week 6


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Class B Playoff Scenario: After Week 6

Class B Playoff Scenario: After Week 6

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