Columbine girls lacrosse team knows how to celebrate

Columbine girls lacrosse team knows how to celebrate


Columbine girls lacrosse team knows how to celebrate


It’s a new look kind of year for the columbine rebels.

“New girls, and new coaches team dynamics, a lot of these girls have never played together before,” head coach Alex Befus.

The team is trying to gel on the fly.

“It’s been rough,” said Befus.

With the season off to a bit of a slow start the Rebels coaching staff was looking for a spark, something for the girls to be excited about. That’s where the “celly” started.

“Our coaches told us we need to work on our celebrations or “cellies” as they called them,” said senior Maggie Burns, “so we spend a lot of our practice time devoted to discovering new and exciting cellies.”

One is called the paparazzi where the goal scorer poses as a model and teammates pretend to take photos of her.

There is another one called the “leg wiggle” which is pretty self explanatory.

“I love the leg jiggle because it’s so ‘gooby’ and I think explains our team perfectly,” senior Nicole Beaton told 9NEWS.

The one creating the most buzz is the “selfie celly”. This is a celebration where the team gathers after a goal and pretends to take a selfie on the field.

“Our coaches, they kind of don’t like the selfie because it’s idiotic,” said Beaton.

But hold on, the coaches encouraged this behavior.

“Ya! Basically that’s what we say. You provoked it so we’re just going to keep on going with it,” said Beaton laughing.

“Ya, I know I kind of have to live with it now,” added Befus.

There is still plenty of season which means…

“There are some cellies in the works so those will be exciting to debut,” said Burns.


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