Cush issues ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to area HS coaches

Cush issues ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to area HS coaches


Cush issues ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to area HS coaches


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the latest craze sweeping social media. Many celebrities and famous athletes and coaches have been drenched with cold water to raise awareness and funds for ALS research.

It started with a former Boston College baseball player who challenged friends and family to accept the challenge of having ice water dumped on them. If they chose not to accept the challenge, they could donate money to the ALS Association instead. Many people are opting to take the challenge and donate money. In the last two weeks, there has been more than $4 million donated to help find a cure for this dreaded disease. During the same time span a year ago, the ALS Association had received $1.12 million in donations.

On Tuesday, August 12, First Coast News sports multimedia journalist Chad Cushnir received a challenge from a cousin in South Dakota. Then on Wednesday, August 13, “Cush” accepted the challenge live during First Coast News at 7. Just a few seconds after having ice cold water dumped on him, he issued the same challenge to all high school coaches on the First Coast.

If you’re a local coach or you know a local coach that is willing to take this challenge, please record the “moment of truth” on video and send it to us at First Coast News. You can e-mail a YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram link to We will also accept pictures. If you share video or pictures on Twitter or Instagram, please use #TeamSideline.

The local coaching community has at least one person that is fighting ALS in Trinity Christian Academy assistant Ryan Keith. He is the main reason why Cush took the ice bucket challenge and donated to the ALS Association.


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