Error shakes up high school volleyball power rankings

The Arizona Interscholastic Association and recently found errors in the calculations to the volleyball power rankings that have been posted throughout the season. The corrected rankings were posted Wednesday afternoon and have drastically changed the positions of several teams, including those considered among the top 10 in their division.

The previous rankings included some results from regular-season invitational tournaments. Those results weren’t supposed to be included.

A few teams are now looking from the outside in to the top 16. A statement from said the correction affected the seeds of 6 percent of the teams.

The season’s last matches were played Thursday night with the Division I and Division II tournaments starting Tuesday. The AIA won’t reveal the state tournament brackets until Saturday morning.

In Division I, Phoenix Sandra Day O’Connor (6-10) has relied on its strength of schedule all season, the toughest in the state, and had sat comfortably within the top 12 all season. But that didn’t help the team either and now for the second consecutive season, Sandra Day O’Connor will see that strength of schedule work against it as it now sits at No. 19.

Sandra Day O’Connor coach Bill Bellis told azcentral sports said that he isn’t bothered by the error. He is bothered that it took this long — Wednesday, two days before the season ends — to recognize it.

“It’s no problem that they made a mistake, but what I don’t understand is why did it just happen now?” Bellis said.

“Why lead us on the whole year and let us think that this new system was good for my team and for our kind of schedule?”

Tempe Corona del Sol was at No. 12. It is now No. 17. Corona del Sol has a 10-6 record but it also has one of the tougher schedules in the state, which didn’t help its power ranking, either.

The correction has helped former No. 19 Rincon (13-4), which now sees itself at No. 9.

“While we would prefer that mistakes never happen, especially when it affects our member players, we appreciate the effort of MaxPreps to ensure accuracy and its transparency in resolving the error as soon as it was discovered” AIA Executive Director Dr. Harold Slemmer said in a statement.

“We are confident that with its experience, expertise and integrity, MaxPreps will continue to do everything in their power to ensure accuracy for our member schools and their players.”

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