Farmer back in Rupp, talking before he reports to prison

Farmer back in Rupp, talking before he reports to prison


Farmer back in Rupp, talking before he reports to prison


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WHAS11)-It’s the same court he led the Clay County Tigers to the state championships, the same arena he called home as a favored Kentucky Wildcat. But for Richie Farmer, perhaps one of the more unforgettable moments was watching his son, Trey, play his first round of Clay County’s Sweet 16 Tournament at Rupp Arena.

It’s a memory he never thought he’d have.

“This means more to me than anything I ever accomplished,” Farmer said Thursday night, March 20.

Just days before he was set to begin a 27-month prison sentence, a Federal judge granted Farmer’s last wish to attend his son’s game, delaying his sentence by a week.

“I know it means a whole lot to [Trey]. I’m just glad for him that I was able to do this, so he didn’t have his mind on other things and could play ball and is hopefully enjoying his experience with the Sweet 16,” Farmer said.

Farmer kept it short when speaking about his conviction and prison sentence.

“Obviously, it’s affected the kids, but I think basketball has been that shelter for them, an escape for them. He’s just done so, so well and I’m just really proud of him,” Farmer said.

It was a night to remember for both Farmers, owners of the number 32.

“It’s a really unique experience, it’s going to be real emotional for me and I know it’s a big thing for him, too,” Farmer said.

It was a night talked about for years, now a reality.

“We talked about what a neat experience it would be if ever he was ever to be here playing and now he can live out his dream kind of like I did,” Farmer said.

Farmer will report to federal prison in Hazelton, W. Va., on Tuesday.


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