Football players tackle late summer heat

Football players tackle late summer heat


Football players tackle late summer heat


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV)- While the Friday night lights are slowly coming back on, the summertime heat has returned with a vengeance.

After a mild summer, the temperature hiked to the mid-90s Tuesday at Central High’s Quigley Stadium. The Tiger’s Head Coach Scooter Register says they are well-equipped to handle the heat.

“We’ve got plenty of ice and in fact we’re probably going to have some more delivered over here today.”

The Tigers getting their first taste of what feels like triple digit heat. So far, pre-season workouts have been conducted during one of the coolest summers on record.

Coach Register says he knew the cooler weather wouldn’t last for long.

“It was almost like fall for us because we practice at 6:30-9:30 and it was just, at times some of the coaches were wearing long sleeves out here.”

Now, sweat pours off these players faces.

Coach Register says water is on hand at all times.

“We’ve got water stations. They have water at all their stations. We don’t ever deny a kid water, he can get it anytime he wants to. We have built in breaks into the practice schedule.”

The team already completed two days in shorts and helmets mandated by Triple-A for heat acclimation. The team’s athletic trainer Jonathan Elrod says he’s looking out for excessive sweating.

“People who are heavy sweaters are the people who are going to get dehydrated first.”

Coach Register says their are also signs to look out for.

“You can kind of tell if a kid is starting to get overheated or if he starts dragging around.”

The team is also required to have an ice immersion station on standby. Elrod says the biggest danger to players can be an exertional heat stroke.

“Then you get this dangerously hot body temperature. Ice, having access to a cold water immersion tub, ice towels, ice water those are the kind of things we would use.”

Coach Register says they will be looking forward to those fall-like temperatures later in the season.

“I just hope this heat doesn’t last forever, but it’s August and it’s football season. It kind of goes hand in hand.”

Coach Register says the Central Tigers will kick-off their football season in Dallas on Labor Day and expects plenty of heat and humidity for their first game.


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