Friday Night Live: Week 5 Time

Friday Night Live: Week 5 Time

Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live: Week 5 Time


Welcome to Friday Night Live, where we’ll be capturing all the biggest stories from the fifth Friday of high school football. Follow along (or catch up) with all of the biggest news from tonight’s high school football action with regular updates from Cam Smith and the USA TODAY High School Sports staff. Believe it or not, we can’t possibly be aware of all of the awesome things that happen across the country. Did we miss something? Let us know! @USATODAYhss

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2:15 a.m.

Yes, there were a pair of Super 25 upsets tonight (though none in the top-10), but the real story focused on a player who may suddenly be off the field for quite some time. Josh Sweat went down with a nasty looking injury, and while the early prognosis was more positive than many feared it would be, there’s still room for some significant knee damage.

That would be a major loss for football in Virginia and for the top of the 2015 recruiting class. Sweat is a best in class player, a superstar in the making, and those who know him claim he’s a class act of a teenager, too. The way his coach and teammates reacted to his injury stood as a testament to that.

So, as we turn off the lights for another week, perhaps the best  news of all is the comment you see above, from Sweat himself after he left the hospital on Friday night.

In the meantime, here’s a look at what Sweat did just 7 days ago as a reminder of just how overpowering and dominant he can be when he’s on his game. Let’s all hope he’s back playing like this very soon.

2:05 a.m. — It’s official: The Jackrabbits have been bounced (it’s a pun, get it? We would have used hop but it just doesn’t quite fit. Sorry). Final score: Centennial 42, Long Beach Poly 34. Let’s see if they wear those gold helmets with green facemasks again anytime soon!

1:45 a.m. — MOST IMPORTANT UPDATE OF THE NIGHT HERE, FOLKS: A dog ran on to the field in Kentucky. He was a very Kentucky-looking dog, and he was very polite and happy. And he just wanted to be loved. Don’t we all just want to be loved? Can’t we let this poor little beagle play along? He promises he’ll stay back with the ref …

Maybe this is how that pup got on the field? Happened at the same game.

1:40 a.m. — Might Poly finally have dug itself a ditch too deep to climb out of? The Jackrabbits’ days on the Super 25 may be numbered …. Equally: How impressive is Centennial’s bounce back a week following a heartbreaking loss to Bishop Gorman?

1:35 a.m. — A similar story from No. 11 Mater Dei in California:

1:30 a.m. — No. 14 Bellevue gets the job done in the second half, pulls away from Mercer Island for another comfortable in-state victory:

1:25 a.m. — And now, your requisite De La Salle weekly rout final score:

1:20 a.m. — Reason number 54,976 that high school football is the greatest: This completely bizarre, insane touchdown celebration from Lockport Township in Illinois. It’s a boat, it’s a golf cart, it’s a … a … ummm. Who cares. It’s awesome.

1:15 a.m. — Remember when Mountain Pointe was blowing out Chandler in the desert? It got much, much, much closer

And Chandler could have even had the ball back late, too:

Who would have thought a Mountain Pointe rout would have turned into a great escape?

1:05 a.m. — Here’s Warren Central’s go-ahead touchdown in the final four minutes of the team’s upset of Ben Davis.

1:00 a.m. — No. 2 Bishop Gorman remains undefeated with its most convincing win in weeks: 41-10.

Gorman waited approximately 0 minutes to throw down the gauntlet to top-ranked St. John Bosco after the win:

12:55 a.m. — Huge night for Jacory Aleem in Cy Fair’s 56-20 win against Cy Springs: 216 yards, 5 TDs on 22 carries.

12:50 a.m. — So far Long Beach Poly hasn’t shown up against Centennial. Perhaps it’s their latest uniform shakeup? Green facemasks a bridge too far?

12:45 a.m. — Ladies and gentlemen, your touchdown catch of the night:

12:35 a.m. — Wondering what prep football parents think about the NFL scandal? In Wisconsin? Sure you are …

12:30 a.m. — Well, that shifted quickly. Guess this one isn’t in doubt anymore …

12:25 a.m. — Here’s why you always keep your hands alive when defending a crossing pattern:

12:15 a.m. — UPSET ALERT: Yes, it’s just halftime, but Corona Centennial has absolutely dominated No. 21 Long Beach Poly. Centennial currently leads by 15!

12:10 a.m. — The game between No. 22 Eden Prairie and Edina was sent into a length delay by lightning strikes, and some fans had some very unique theories about what’s behind the break:

12:05 a.m. — Your contractually required De La Salle update of the night: The first half against Del Oro was about as close as you’d imagine (here’s a hint: It wasn’t).

12:00 a.m. — After a tough first half, No. 11 Mater Dei is finally beginning to take control of its game against Upland.

11:50 p.m. — Want to catch the rest of No. 2 Bishop Gorman’s game against Santa Margarita live? Enjoy:

11:45 p.m. — Because there wasn’t enough celebrity and media attention out at Mountain Pointe tonight …

Pride still in control, 42-28, btw

11:40 p.m. — For the first time in about a month, Bishop Gorman may actually be taking care of an opponent without pushing its fans to the verge of cardiac arrest. Currently 27-10 Gaels in the third, with quarterback Tate Martell leading the way. Perhaps Gorman is starting to feel miffed it got pushed out of the top spot in the Super 25?

11:35 p.m. — It has to be said that the Western Branch team and fans responded with absolute class after Josh Sweat went down with an injury.

11:20 p.m. — It has been a thoroughly back-and-forth game, but so far Mercer Island is giving No. 14 Bellevue all it can handle and then some in Washington. 21-14 Mercer heading toward halftime!

11:15 p.m. — One of the nation’s longest winning streaks — Bowling Green in Kentucky — is finally over at 48 games. McCallie scored in the final minute to edge out a 21-20 win:

11:00 p.m. — It’s still early, but No. 11 Mater Dei finds itself in a hole:

Good looking scene there:

10:55 p.m. — A very impressive start by Mountain Pointe in the desert. Already 20-7 in the first quarter with Chandler on the ropes early.

10:50 p.m. — As just pointed out offline by the inimitable Jim Halley, this Bishop Gorman-Santa Margarita game is going to be a lot of fun:

10:45 p.m. — Another week, another Booker T. blowout win in Miami … though this one was apparently close early. Too much Tornado talent for Miami Jackson in the end.

10:40 p.m. — The Colquitt County Fighting Rush Propsts Packers roll again, demolishing Pelham 47-7. The road ahead isn’t easy — four future Packers foes are still undefeated, with two of those games at home and two on the road — but if they play like this, would anyone pick against Colquitt County?

#unrelatednote: How great is Colquitt’s little pig mascot. That is just the greatest.

10:30 p.m. — Anyone else get the feeling that Bingham is still releasing pent up frustration from that loss to Bishop Gorman? Almost makes you feel sorry for any team in the state of Utah!

10:25 p.m. — Another reminder to never underestimate the heart of a champion: Warren Central knocks off No. 18 Ben Davis, 28-21. Naturally, this probably means that Warren will knock it’s Indianapolis rival out of the Super 25 as well.

Some Warren Central fans are understandably excited …

Let alone the school itself:

10:20 p.m. — Looks like Lee’s Summit West has rival Lee’s Summit North in control with the game winding down …

10:15 p.m. — The essence of Midwestern fall, anyone?

10:10 p.m. — The hype is building in Arizona for Mountain Pointe-Chandler …

Check out the line just to get in the stadium!

10:00 p.m. — Here’s the latest on Josh Sweat’s injury, via Evan Watkins of 247 Sports. Ouch, dislocated knee:

9:15 p.m. — While some other top teams continue to work through early season stutters, Gonzaga Prep in D.C. keeps on rolling. The latest victim? McKinley Tech, to the tune of 51-0. And just think: It was 44-0 at halftime.

9:00 p.m. — We’ve spent a lot of time extolling the virtues of super-recruit Josh Sweat, who has at times looked like a young Jadeveon Clowney … possibly with even more speed. This update won’t help any of that. We’ll have much more on this at soon …

8:50 p.m. — Earlier we brought you the rather remarkable tale of 7-foot, 380-pound lineman Dondre Harris. Well, now we have video of him in action and, well, you tell us what you think. You’ll notice no one runs up the gut against him. Best moment? Check out his reaction on punt coverage. Can’t blame him for thinking he’s tall enough to block the kick out of midair …

8:40 p.m. — Kevin Taylor misspelled Blue Bell here, but outside of that we figure he’s pretty spot on … oh, and except for the train bit. No offense meant to model railroaders. Great folks, but high school football still wins …

8:30 p.m. — There was a new school record for TD passes set at an Ohio power program last night. Congrats to Elyria’s Hunter Parsh.

8:15 p.m. — We don’t want to say this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but really, is sliced bread all it’s cracked up to be? We’ll just take the loaf whole so long as you let us keep this Super 25 live screaming multi-view at High School Cube. You can now simultaneously stream all of the Super 25 action live. It is, well. It’s stupendous.

8:00 p.m. — The story of the Ben Davis-Warren Central face off in Indiana has been Warren Central’s smothering defense … and its pink jerseys. On a cancer remembrance night, Warren Central forced three first quarter Giants turnovers and held a 6-0 lead in the second period before Ben Davis finally just got on the board. 7-6 Giants with 6:00 until the half. And you can watch it right here!

7:45 p.m. — Hey! This week the earliest Friday kickoff won’t end up being the final game of the weekend. Louisiana power Warren Easton got in its 4 p.m. start against Carver. The kickoff was nice, and from there let’s just say that Warren Easton controlled the game. These tweets are probably all you need to know, in truth:

6:15 p.m. — We’ll be live shortly, but in the meantime, here’s a great story from Mississippi to bide the time:

6:00 p.m. — There were two big Super 25 squads in action on Thursday night, and both moved on without too much of a test. Here’s what happened:

5:45 p.m. — There are always multiple “big games” every week, but this week’s biggest is being played out in the Arizona desert, where Super 25 No. 12 Mountain Pointe is hosting rival Chandler, which is just outside the Super 25 looking in. Want proof that it’s a really big game?

Here’s our own Jim Halley’s take on the titanic Arizona tussle.

5:30 p.m. — It’s time again for Friday Night Live action, which means that there must be a whole lot of football on our horizon. As we get started, here’s a quick reminder of where the nation’s top programs stand heading into this weekend in the Super 25 rankings, here’s the full schedule, and, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to let us know which school has the nation’s best high school jersey right here.


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Friday Night Live: Week 5 Time
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