Giants punter goes to prom

Giants punter goes to prom

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Giants punter goes to prom


In April, Giants punter Steve Weatherford agreed to attend the Bayonne High School prom in New Jersey after senior Lauren Delbert asked him to be her date. On June 6, Weatherford delivered on his promise, arriving to wisk Delbert and her boyfriend, Steven Schumann away in a white convertible Bentley after stealing the moment by putting jokingly putting his Super Bowl ring on Delbert’s mother’s finger and telling her father, “I’m taking your daughter to prom and now I’m stealing your wife.”

Weatherford was a quintessential charmer throughout the entire prom episode, leaving Schumann – a fellow Giants diehard – to wear his Super Bowl ring and escorting the pair to a red-carpet event at Bayonne High, then driving to meet them at the Excelsior Grand in Staten Island for the big dance.

The NFL punter agreed to go to the prom when Delbert asked him via Twitter on a whim on April 18. He wasted no time then in accepting the invitation. According to the Newark Star-Ledger, he and Delbert even met by happenstance in the interim at a autism awareness event attended by the teen and her family, who didn’t know that Weatherford was to be a featured speaking at the event.

That’s where this priceless interchange took place:

Lauren walked up to Weatherford and said “Hi prom date,” according to her mother Peggy, and Weatherford “gave her a big hug.”

Needless to say, the best part of the entire evening were the photos that came from the event, not to mention the video you can see below. You can check out all the photos right here, but make sure not to skip the shots from inside the event itself, where Weatherford was not afraid to get down.

After delivering some of the key field position-changing moments in a Super Bowl, it’s no wonder that Weatherford would be comfortable with plenty of unknown eyes on him.

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Giants punter goes to prom
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