Girls Soccer: Wilson coach says team full of character

Girls Soccer: Wilson coach says team full of character


Girls Soccer: Wilson coach says team full of character


Wilson suffered their second loss of the season, 5-0 to Jesuit Wednesday night. KGW caught up with head coach Allison King to get her thoughts on where her team is early on in the season.

The first half was very competitive. What was your team doing well?

“They were playing very well together as a team. We knew the kind of competition that was going to be brought to this field. They had the mental fortitude needed to withstand this level of play. They connected well, they talked well. I am quite pleased with their performance on the field. There were just a few very simple and very simple mistakes that we already touched on that won’t be repeated.”

What were some of those mistakes?

“It’s a simple case of us playing our game, so they have to answer to us rather than the other way around. As soon as we start responding directly to what the other team is doing rather than maintaining our presence on the field, then you’re in a very reactive situation compared to you controlling the flow of the field.”

You’ve played three Metro League teams to start off the season, which is very tough competition. What have you learned about your team?

“They put up quite a fight. They have more grace and integrity than any soccer squad I’ve had the privilege of coaching. Character to me always speaks leaps and bound above any kind of technical or tactical savvy. Those ladies have all three of those things in spades.”

Learning to deal with adversity is something every team goes through during the season. Are you happy yours has come in the non-league?

“I am. It’s a more valuable lesson when you can look at the parity between the two teams. You can see they were quite evenly matched and we still had to suffer the loss. It takes a little more grace to accept that type of loss and pinpoint what your deficits were on the field.”

How will your non-league schedule help you going into league play?

“It just makes us more prepared. More prepared to win and take state.”

Wilson’s next game will be at Lake Oswego Tuesday night as they look to even their record at 2-2.

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