Iowa team helps storm victims

Iowa team helps storm victims

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Iowa team helps storm victims


The Missouri Valley High football team took a simple cleanup request to a new level, showing up en masse to help a local homeowner whose house, barn and RV had all been damaged in a dangerous storm.

As reported by Omaha ABC affiliate KETV, Missouri City resident Roger Goff saw his home sustain major damage during a summer storm. The Midwestern hail and windstorm blew through with major gusts that nearly flattened the man’s barn and left gaping holes in his house, such that water was “pouring in” in the hours after he was hit.

Goff didn’t know where to turn for help, so he thought back to his son’s time on the Missouri Valley football team. He told KETV he knew the program occasionally did community service, so he reached out to Missouri City football coach Brian Knott and asked if he had any student athletes who could help him with cleanup.

Goff was hoping for a pair of football players. Instead he got more than 15, all working diligently until the property was significantly squared away. A day later two more arrived and helped clean up the wind strewn barn roof, removing it from the property and helping clear out shingles that had been blown across Goff’s land.

Needless to say, Goff still has a ways to go to return to a sense of normalcy, but he’s now in a better place, thanks to the charitable help of a group of teens.

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Iowa team helps storm victims
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