LHSAA football playoff split likely to continue

LHSAA football playoff split likely to continue


LHSAA football playoff split likely to continue


All five of the LHSAA football classes voted to remain split during individual class votes Thursday at the LHSAA annual convention in Baton Rouge.

While the general assembly still has to approve each class’ passed proposal Friday, Parkway coach David Feaster said he expects the class votes will stand.

“There could be some proposals that would possibly overturn it, but it’s highly unlikely that the class votes will be overturned,” Feaster said. “There were no watered-down playoffs, and I think everybody was OK with what happened (this past season). I think it was an awesome playoffs.

“You had 28 buses go down and support Byrd in the championship, and I think people are making plans again.”

Arguably one surprise is that more select schools voted for the split this year compared to last year.

Class 1A, the only class that has more select members than non-select, voted 24-8 to remain split among principals who attended the class meetings.

Plain Dealing coach Coy Brotherton approves of his class’ vote.

“It’s a better chance to get that Cinderella type of story. You can get on a run like college(basketball) teams do in March Madness,” Brotherton said. “We’ve been knocked out by public schools in my three years anyway, but it does make it easier to make a deeper run.

“Last week, I wouldn’t have thought that the private schools would want to keep it split, but after being down here and talking to other coaches, I’m not surprised by the vote.”

Other proposals that passed the individual class vote include the 32-team bracket structure remaining for all classes and divisions and the option for eight-man football for Classes 1A, B and C.


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