Local football player won't let cancer stop his game

Local football player won't let cancer stop his game


Local football player won't let cancer stop his game


STATESVILLE, N.C. — What is a warrior? A brave fighter.

He’s also a West Iredell football player.

“I don’t play for myself I play for my team and for the love of the sport,” Dalton Edwards says.

Edwards has shown his braveness. He battled for his life last fall.

“I knew something big was going to happen,” he says.

Something big did happen, to Edwards and the Statesville community. One football Friday last September, cancer attacked the player’s liver, putting his plays on hold and his life in jeopardy.

“It’s the hardest thing ever that I’ve done — is explain to my team that I couldn’t play because I had cancer,” he says.

Coach Mike Natoli said it weighed heavy on the team.

“It’s very rare that any of our kids are going to face what Dalton faced last year and they have him in the back of their minds every day.”

Edwards’ teammate Preston Harrison honored him last season by wearing No. 33 and scoring a touchdown the night Edwards opened up about the cancer. The touch down was the game’s opening play.

“It was heart touching to me it said something to me that God was watching over me,” Edwards says.

A total stranger touched his life in a different way by giving him a liver and a new chance at life.

“I felt sorry for the family but I was blessed that the donor gave me a body part that helped me survive.”

Edwards is healing and his scars tell a story of survival. He teaches others anything is possible.

“That’s my tattoo of my life story. It feels like I can do more now and actually go to my full potential.”


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