LSJ high school girls tennis preview

LSJ high school girls tennis preview


LSJ high school girls tennis preview


NOTE: s=singles, d=doubles, 1s is first flight singles, 1d is first flight doubles, etc.


Coaches’ prediction: 1. Okemos, 2. East Lansing, 3. Grand Ledge, 4. Holt, 5. Jackson, 6. Lansing Eastern, 7. Everett, 8. Sexton

Top players: Emily Struble (Okemos), Lauren Sharp (Grand Ledge), Andrea Kessler (Eastern)


Last year: 3rd (6-3-1, 5-2)

Coach: Cosette Buckberry (1st season)

Top returning players: Allie Buehler (sr. s), Sarah Brainard (sr. d), Emily Volovsek (sr. d), Maleeha Ahmad (sr. s/d), Molly Ring (jr. d), Caroline Baidoon (so. s), Isabella Ndlebe (so. s), Amna Ahmad (so. d), Megan Heck (so. s/d), Rosy Chiu (so. s/d)

Other contributors: Bree O’Neal (jr. s/d), Elizabeth Beckette (sr. d), Eliana Kaplowitz (so. d), Stephanie Vanis (so. d)

Outlook: The Trojans return nearly everyone from the team that tied for second place at last year’s CAAC Blue tournament. Brainard and Volovsek advanced to the Division 1 state semifinals before making the LSJ Dream Team. Buehler, Ring, Baidoon, Ndlebe and Amna Ahmad also made all-league, and Maleeha Ahmad was honorable mention.


Last year: 6th (5-5, 2-5)

Coach: Gary Buckberry (1st season)

Top returning players: Andrea Kessler (sr. s), Kirsten Smith (jr. s), Maoyao Yang (jr. s), Janell Green (jr. s), Brianna Hernandez (jr. d), Breanna Miller (sr. d), Delaney Miller (jr. d)

Other contributors: LaiCey Campbell (sr. d), Maitta Fayia (fr. d), Ariel McArthur (jr. d), Mandy Pratt (sr. d)

Outlook: The Quakers return seven starters. They include Kessler, who earned Division 1-2 all-area after making the CAAC Blue tournament semifinals.


Last year: 7th (1-6)

Coach: Judy Kramer (2nd season)

Top returning players: Anissa Dawsey (sr. s), Meeshon Rogers (sr. s), Dinah George (sr. d), Sabrina Wallace (so. d), Jaida Thomas (so. s), Rama Hoskins (jr. d), Emily Barshaw (jr. d), KeAnte Thompson (jr. d)

Other contributors: Arlexia Bernard (so. s), Briona Campbell (so. d)

Outlook: The Vikings lost six seniors to graduation. But they return Rogers, who earned all-league honorable mention.


Last year: 2nd (6-1)

Coach: Mike Richey (9th season)

Top returning players: Lauren Sharp (sr. 1s), Emily Orlando (sr. s/d), Kitt Sharp (so. s/d), Sydney Riekse (sr. d), Renae Almasy (sr. s/d)

Other contributor: Jenna Riekse (so. s/d)

Outlook: Richey says the Comets “will be a strong team.” Lauren Sharp made the LSJ Dream Team, Kitt Sharp was selected all-area, and Orlando, Riekse and Almasy earned all-league.


Last year: 4th (4-6, 4-3)

Coach: Pat Somers (40th season)

Top returning players: Sydney Holmes (sr. s), Rosie Harris-Makinen (jr. s), Kristen Cobus (sr. d), Jerika Richards (sr. d), Tracy Edelman (jr. d), Whitney Howe (sr. d), Shelby Verlinde (sr. d), Kylee Voorhis (sr. d)

Outlook: The Rams return some strength, especially in doubles. Harris-Makinen and Cobus earned all-league, and Holmes, Richards, Edelman and Howe reached all-league honorable mention last spring for Holt.


Last year: 1st (7-0)

Coach: Lisa Semerly (9th season)

Top returning players: Emily Struble (jr. 2s), Catherine Wingrove (jr. 1d), Kylie Wilkinson (so. 4s), Keerthana Kolisetty (jr. 3d), Akanksha Panda (jr. 5d), Dena Mujtaba (sr. 5d)

Other contributors: Monika Francsics (fr.)

Outlook: Lisa Semerly, who has coached at East Lansing the past eight seasons, succeeds Al Inkala as the Chiefs’ coach. Inkala coached for 20 years and led Okemos to two Class A (1994-95) and four Division 2 state titles from 1998-2001 as well as runner-up finishes in 1997 and 2002-04. LSJ Dream Team selection Struble moved up to No. 1 singles after going undefeated while earning back-to-back Division 2 state titles at No. 2 singles. Last year’s LSJ player of the year, Draga Sabotic, decided to take a year off from Okemos tennis. So Wingrove moves into the singles lineup after making the LSJ Dream Team at No. 1 doubles and joins Wilkinson, who made Division 1-2 all-area after being a league champion, regional runner-up and state quarterfinalist at No. 3 singles. Kolisetty also made all-league last year in doubles. Freshman Francsics, a well-seasoned USTA player, rounds out the singles lineup for the Chiefs.


Last year: 8th (0-7)

Coach: Emerson Sheffy (1st season)

Top returning players: Lauren Chambers (jr.), Lucy Constantino (jr.)

Outlook: The Big Reds are very young with many first and second-year players.


Coaches’ prediction: 1. Haslett, 2. DeWitt, 3. St. Johns, 4. Owosso, 5. Fowlerville, 6. Ionia

Top player: Shea Donahue (Haslett)


Last year: 3rd (3-1-1)

Coach: Sue Bailey (18th season)

Top returning players: Anastasia Matta (sr. 1s), Sarah Barry (jr. 2s), Tessa Araoz (sr. 3s), Julie Davis (jr. 1d), Hannah Swanson (sr. 1d), Ali Scheffler (sr. 2d), Meghan Cook (sr. 2d)

Other contributor: Taylor Ward (sr. 3d)

Outlook: The Diviison 3 regional runner-up Panthers return all-leaguers Matta, Araoz, Davis, Scheffler and Cook, but DeWitt will have all new pairings in doubles. Therefore, Bailey calls this a rebuilding year. The Panthers have also moved up to Division 2, where qualifying for state as a team against the teams like Okemos, Mason and East Lansing may be tough.


Last year: 4th (2-8, 2-3)

Coach: Jim Jonas (3rd season)

Top returning players: Madison Gilbert (jr. s), Cecilia Bronsberg (jr. s)

Other contributors: Rachael Peckens (jr. s), Ashley Towe (so. s)

Outlook: Jonas says the Gladiators “are going to struggle this year” with only one senior and two players returning. But one of those back is Bronsberg, who made all-league honorable mention for the Gladiators last spring.


Last year: 1st (12-3-1, 5-0)

Coach: Henry and Samantha Brunnschweiler (13th season)

Top returning players: Shea Donahue (sr. s), Hannah Vogelsang (so. s), Brooke Hartsuff (jr. s), Allison Grandfield (jr. s), Anna Grettenberger (sr. d), Frances Fernandez (d), Elena Ezzo (sr. d), Claire Cowan (so. d), Mary Kate Martell (sr. d)

Other contributor: Kourtnee DaFoe (jr. d)

Outlook: The Vikings return most of their lineup from the team that finished ranked No. 8 in Division 3 after winning its league and regional.Donahue was a league and Division 3 regional champion and a state semifinalist before earning Division 3-4 all-area at No. 2 singles. Vogelsang, Hartsuff, Grandfield, Grettenberger, Fernandez, Ezzo, Cowan and Martell each earned all-league.


Last year: 5th (1-4)

Coach: Cally Redder (2nd season)

Top returning players: Sarah Sykes (jr. 1s), Madi Martorana (so. 2s), Kerry Braun (sr. 3s), Reann Wentworth (sr. 1d)

Other contributor: Megan Bliss (so. 4s)

Outlook: The Bulldogs are rebuilding.


Last year: 6th (0-9, 0-5)

Coach: Carrie Rugenstein (6th season)

Top returning players: Grace Rice (jr. 1s), Casadi Smith (jr. 2s), Megan Jecks (sr. 1d), Alicia Trevino (jr. 1d)

Other contributors: Hannah Marcotte (so. 4s), Madison Glardon (so. 2d)

Outlook: The Trojans have a large roster of 35 players as they are looking to build a stronger program.


Last year: 2nd (3-1-1)

Coach: Karl Hanover (2nd season)

Top returning players: Amanda Baugher (sr. 1s), Lauren Suidgeest (sr. 1d), Meredith Robbins (jr. 3s), Allie Marier (jr. 2s)

Outlook: Baugher and Suidgeest made Division 1-2 all-area, and Robbins and Marier earned all-league for the Redwings.


Coaches’ prediction: 1. Mason, 2. Jackson Lumen Christi, 3. Parma Jackson County Western, 4. Eaton Rapids, 5. Jackson Northwest, 6. Waverly, 7. Charlotte

Top players: Abby Perkins (Mason), Ashleigh Reinbold (Charlotte)


Last year: 7th (1-10, 0-6)

Coach: Ted Reinbold (6th season)

Top returning players: Ashleigh Reinbold (sr. 1s), Emily Vanderstelt (sr. 2s), Kim Long (jr. 3s), Rebekah Olson (jr. 4s), Rachel Yeager (sr. d)

Other contributors: Charlotte Koeppen (jr. d), Taylor Wells (jr. d)

Outlook: The Orioles’ Ashleigh Reinbold made the Division 3-4 all-area team, which was her third time earning all-area honors. Charlotte’s roster includes 10 freshmen, so the future looks bright. Ted Reinbold is coaching for the first time since 1996.


Last year: 4th (3-2-1)

Coach: Ryan Anderson and Mary Geisen (8th season)

Top returning players: Alexis Babbitt (sr.), Courtney Guthrie (sr.), Alyssa Gill (sr), Stephanie Hodges (sr.), Morgan English (sr.), Haley Simmons (sr.)

Other contributors: Mikayla Herig (jr.), Gabrielle Jones (so.), Jade Rodriguez (jr.)

Outlook: The Greyhounds expect a strong season since all-leaguers Babbitt, Guthrie, Hodges and English all return and the coaches “have been pleasantly surprised by the growth of numerous other players.”


Last year: 1st (6-0)

Coach: Jim D’Angelo (8th season)

Top returning players: Abby Perkins (sr. s), Sam Perkins (so. s), Erin Beene (sr. d), Jenny McCullen (sr. s), Maddie Rydahl (jr. d), Allie Rochon (jr. d)

Other contributor: Olivia Hanover (fr. s)

Outlook: The Bulldogs have lost eight of 14 players from last year’s squad. But they return Abby Perkins, who repeated as an all-stater and LSJ Dream Team member, as well as all-area players Sam Perkins and Erin Beebe, and all-leaguers McCullen, Rydahl and Rochon.


Last year: 6th (1-5)

Coach: Jerry Smith (8th season)

Top returning players: Hanna Holmi (sr. 1s), Victoria Janz (sr. s), Elizabeth Kennicott (sr. s), Eloise Gillengerten (sr. d), Chandler Turner (sr. d), Aquillah Wellington (sr. d), Theodora Ebosi (jr. d), Angela Magbag (jr. s)

Other contributors: Lindsey Duchene (jr.), Grace Wickman (jr.), Alanna Davis (jr.)

Outlook: The Warriors graduated 10 seniors, but they return Ebosi and Gillengerten, who made all-league honorable mention.


Coaches’ predictions: 1. Lansing Catholic, 2. Williamston, 3. Portland, 4. Lakewood, 5. Corunna

Top players: Sara Daavettila (Williamston), Calla Ramont (LC)


Last year: 5th (0-4)

Coach: Bill Lawson (1st year)

No information submitted on the Cavaliers.


Last year: 4th (4-5, 1-3)

Coach: Martin Snoap (41st season)

Top returning players: Katherine Altoft (sr.), Sarah Campeau (sr.), Mariah Krikke (sr.), Ellie Haskin (so.), Issie Haskin (so.), Kaelyn Smith (sr.)

Other contributors: Salomea Souissa (fr.), Kendra Stoepker (fr.), Valory Altoft (fr.)

Outlook: Krikke made all-league, and Campeau and Smith reached all-league honorable mention for the Vikings, who also have 18 rookies and JV players pushing for varsity spots.


Last year: 1st (6-0-1, 3-0-1)

Coach: Jimmy Joyce (2nd season)

Top returning players: Calla Ramont (jr. 1s), MaryBeth Maddalena (sr. 3s), Nicole Jarwan (so. 2s), Rachel Knox (jr. 2d), Andrea Fischette (jr. 2d), Monica Davis (so. 1d), Sabrina Spagnuolo (jr. 1d), Emily Hoban (so. 4d)

Other contributors: Alex Adamo (fr. 3d), Grace Mohr (so. 3d), Katie Bullock (jr. 4d), Paulena Voutsaras (jr. 4d)

Outlook: Ramont earned Division 3-4 all-area after capturing league and ergional titles and reaching the Division 4 state quarterfinals. Maddalena, Jarwan, Knox, Fischette, Davis, Spagnuolo and Hoban each also made all-league for the Cougars.


Last year: 3rd (5-3, 2-2)

Coach: Jim Niebling (17th season)

Top returning players: Katie Blake (sr. 2s), Lysie Eldridge (jr. 3s), Chelsea Geiger (jr. 4s), Lauren Manzini (sr. 2d), Tessa Palmiter (jr. 2d), Annalise Pline (sr. 3d), Sydni Greenhoe (so. 3d), Peyton Lowery (so. 4d)

Other contributors: Hayley Bonn (sr. d), Caitlin Hengesbach (sr. d), Brooke Butterfield (fr. d), Michelle Dorshimer (fr. d)

Outlook: The Raiders return eight players from the team that finished ninth in the state in Division 4. Those back include all-leaguers Blake, Eldridge, Geiger, Manzini, Palmiter and Lowery.


Last year: 2nd (3-0-1)

Coach: Steve Stanley (8th season)

Top returning players: Delaney Nikolai (sr. 1d), Caitlyn Chick (sr. 1d), Carolina Marshall (sr. 2d), macy Pell (sr. 2d), Emily Pell (so. 3d), Madison Gardner (jr. 4d)

Other contributors: Sara Daavettila (so.), Sydney Ellsworth (fr.)

Outlook: Stanley returns as coach of the Vikings, who return Division 4 all-state and LSJ Dream Team members Nikolai and Chick. Marshall, Macy and Emily Pell also made all-league, and Gardner reached all-league honorable mention. Williamston will also be helped by the addition of Daavettila, who should challenge for LSJ player of the year honors.



Last year: 4th (6-6)

Coach: Dan Oosting (2nd season)

Top returning players: Isabelle Rivera (jr. 1s), Kassy Vogel (sr. 1d), Mikayla Mallory (so. 2s), Maddie Wert (so. 4d), Jamie Dubey (so. 1d)

Other contributors: Alex Secora (fr. 3s), Haley Tesman (so. 2d), Kaydee Hall (so. 2d)

Outlook: The Panthers are rebuilding after graduating nine seniors from last year’s team.


Coach: Becky Hartman (9th season)

Top returning players: Courtney Gantz (jr. 3s), Kaselynd Kelley (sr. 1d), Hannah Andrews (jr. 1d), Masia Dickman (sr. 3d)

Other contributors: Brianna Freed (jr.), Hannah Bowen (jr.), Alicia Church (sr.), Shaley Harrison (sr.)

Outlook: The Yellowjackets’ third doubles team is moving into singles, so they are “going to have basically a young doubles team.”


Last year: 1st in SMITL (3-0-1)

Coach: Dick Winters (8th season)

Top returning players: Gwyneth Wortz (sr. s/d), Lydia Granger (jr. s/d), Lauren Royce (sr. s/d), Kelsey Blood (jr. s/d), McKenzie Stock (sr. s/d), Callie Mounsey (jr. s/d), Claire Granger (so. s/d), Yido (Eden) Wen (so. d)

Other contributors: Grace Haley (fr. s/d), Deborah Cordill (so. d), Natalie Wessels (jr. d), Hannah Anderson (jr. d), Alaina Baker (so. d), Jasmine Imes (fr. d), Izzie Meunier (so. d), Meagan Mills (fr. d), Kaelin Royce (fr. d), Drew Schooley (fr. d), Maddy Schulz (fr. d), Debbie Sung (fr. d)

Outlook: The Pilgrims will compete with former SMAA teams like Leslie, Brooklyn Columbia Central, Hillsdale and Onsted to repeat as SMITL champions. Wortz, Lydia Granger, Royce and Blood earned first team all-league, and Stock, Mounsey and Wen made second team all-league last year for Lansing Christian, which is hoping to reach the 18 points needed at regionals to qualify for state as a team.


Last year: 1st in SMITL (3-0-1)

Coach: Dean Baker (1st season)

Top returning players: Jessica Croel (sr.), Mackenzie Rudd (sr. d), Ashley Medcoff (jr. s), Samantha Kunkel (jr.), Cera Locke (jr. d)

Other contributors: Taylor Gibbs (jr.), Debbie Salver (sr. s)

Outlook: The Blackhawks return first team all-leaguers Croel, Medcoff, Kunkel and Locke as they seek to repeat as SMITL champions, an honor they shared with Lansing Christian last fall.


Last year: 3-5-1

Coach: Miriah Lintemuth (2nd season)

Top returning players: Danyelle Frink (jr. 1d), Grace Samson (jr. 1d), Leah Batora (so. 1s), Mallory Arnett (so. 2s), Hollie Vermilya (so. 4s), Hayley Ade (so. 3d)

Other contributors: Emma Phillipson (so. 3s), Kayla Duckert (fr. 2d), Shelby Frink (fr. 3d), Shyler Stehilk (fr. 2d), Natalee Whitford (so. 4d), Joely Johnson (fr. 4d)

Outlook: The Marauders are young, but Lintemuth expects “a great season.”


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