Malik Newman talks going back to school in his latest blog

Malik Newman talks going back to school in his latest blog

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Malik Newman talks going back to school in his latest blog


Malik Newman is the top-guard in the ESPN 100 and No. 3 overall player. Newman, a senior, led Callaway (Callaway, Miss.) to its third consecutive state title last season and dominated the AAU scene this past summer. That kind of production has elite schools like Kentucky, Kansas, UConn, and many others, putting on the full-court recruiting press. Newman has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.


What’s up y’all; I’m back!

Just finished up at the Under Armour Elite 24 in New York and had a ball! Of course the best part was playing in the game against some great comp and with all my boys one last time before the summer ended. I think the view was even better this year because we were right there by the water.

Y’all already know while I was there I had to hand out L’s in NBA 2K!

Y’all already know how I do; with those sticks in my hand I’m like Wilt Chamberlain!

You can debate who the No. 1 player in the class is, but on the sticks… I’m No. 1 in the galaxy!

I went undefeated; beat my man (Isaiah) Briscoe and all of ‘em. I had that man sick when he left the room; he didn’t even wanna play anymore.

It’s good having some time to chill out now.

That first night being back in my bed… Man I thought I was a millionaire!

I’m not used to having all this time off though. I’ve been running around the world all summer, but I’m getting back into my routine now with school starting up. It’s good so far, we’ve been in for about a week.

It’s cool being a senior because, for the most part, you’ve got most of your core classes already.

I’m taking Trig, which is pretty easy, and English is my favorite subject so far.

We’re reading The Runaway Jury and debating it; it’s really interesting. I like stuff like that.

Oh I want y’all to know that I’ll be dropping a verse on Live From Shady Oaks 5.

My man asked me to do a verse and I’m gonna do my thing on it. I’ve got bars too!

I don’t do any cursing and I don’t talk about crazy stuff at all; I do positive stuff and I’m a lyricist!

I go by Lil Leek! Haha, what do y’all think about that?

I heard my man Dennis Smith raps too, but he don’t want these bars though.

I’m telling y’all; I’ve. Got. BARS! Haha!

I’m definitely No. 1 when it comes to high school guys that rap.

I rap for fun; I just like playing around with it, but I’m nice.

I know y’all want to know about the recruitment and, right now, I’m close to giving y’all some dates on those visits. Not sure just yet though. I definitely want to get somewhere for Midnight Madness; I do know that. I’ll let y’all know as soon as I set that up.

I had a coach that’s recruiting me tell me that they were gonna set the record for points per game as a team this year and their point guard was probably gonna lead them in scoring. That was interesting to me because he said if I came there I could do the same thing. I thought that was pretty cool.

I had another coach tell me that I could be one-and-done and probably average about 25 points a game; so they tell me a lot of different things. I just sit back and listen to everything.

It’s tough because I have a lot of great schools on my list.

OK people I’ve got school tomorrow so I’m gonna be out.

Y’all already know this is Lil Leek and I just wanted to say thank you for reading the blog again. Y’all be on the lookout for Live From Shady Oaks 5!

Y’all be safe and be blessed!

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