Meet Hough's Carl Tucker

Meet Hough's Carl Tucker


Meet Hough's Carl Tucker

The senior tight end plans on enrolling early at the University of North Carolina


The senior tight end plans on enrolling early at the University of North Carolina

CORNELIUS, N.C. — Hough High School tight end Carl Tucker is one of several area high school student-athletes on pace to enroll early in college. Tucker committed to the University of North Carolina back in April and is on a fast track to join the Tar Heels. I talked to Carl at a recent Hough practice for another edition of 10 Questions.

1. Why did you choose North Carolina?

“I’ve wanted to go to North Carolina ever since I’ve moved here. When I was in fourth grade, that’s when I started looking at them. First it was the basketball team, and that turned into the football team. I’m just in love with Carolina, I love everything about them, and can’t wait to be a part of the school.”

2. Playing with Corey Bell Jr. (also committed to UNC), does that excite you going to the next level with a teammate?

“It’s pretty exciting to have him around, we joke around a lot. And to have fun with him and the team, it will be nice and I’ll be a little more relaxed when he’s around.”

3. Did North Carolina’s recent history with tight ends, including first-round NFL draft pick Eric Ebron, have an effect on your decision?

“I wouldn’t say it had a play in my decision, but it definitely affected me in a way, just knowing they’ve had a few great tight ends there. I want to keep that tradition going at Carolina.”

4. Who was your favorite NFL player growing up?

“That’s a tough one…I would probably say my all-time favorite is Steve Smith. The way that he plays is just ridiculous. He was energetic, physical, and just fun to watch.”

5. You were selected to play in the Shrine Bowl in December. As a solid Tar Heel commit, will you be doing any recruiting for UNC at the game?

“Yeah, I might say a little something (laughing), maybe put my two cents in every now and then. I definitely will.”

6. Did getting your commitment out of the way early help you avoid any distractions from the recruiting process?

“Yeah, I wanted to get it done before my senior season started. It has helped my focus, and helped me keep improving on reaching my potential, and that’s a good thing for me.”

7. If you could meet any non-football celebrity, who would it be?

“These are tough questions..probably Mark Wahlberg. Yeah, Mark Wahlberg definitely.”

8. What will you be studying at North Carolina?

“Engineering, most likely. I’m kind of a math nerd, I really enjoy it, so engineering would probably be good for me.”

9. Who has been the biggest influence on your football career?

“Most likely my dad and my sister. My dad, he’s been helping me with football, and he always signed me up for things and I enjoy it. And my sister, she ran track at ECU (East Carolina), just seeing her work, work, work, work and still get her education at the same time, it opened my eyes. If she can do that and still enjoy herself, then I can do the same thing.”

10. Gatorade or Powerade?

“Gatorade. I don’t really drink much Powerade, so Gatorade it is.”

To follow Carl’s progress as a senior at Hough and his journey at UNC, follow him on twitter @Carl_TuckerJr.


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