Middle School Roundup: Sports Spectacular Edition

Middle School Roundup: Sports Spectacular Edition


Middle School Roundup: Sports Spectacular Edition

Crossroads goes 3-2 overall against opponents Brentwood and Culver City


Crossroads goes 3-2 overall against opponents Brentwood and Culver City

In what has become pre-extravaganza tradition that has grown larger every year, five Crossroads teams played in front of some of the biggest crowds they will experience all year on Friday in the annual Middle School Sports Spectacular.

The host of games, which all took place at the Norton Facility, was accompanied not only by hundreds of fans but by two food trucks eager to serve those same fans. Roadrunner supporters had a lot more to be excited about on the night, though, than the killer stone-oven pepperoni pizza being served—success for Crossroads on the field and on the court should have proved plentiful enough. The five Roadrunner teams combined to go 3-2 (2-0 soccer, 1-2 basketball) against Brentwood and Culver City, respectively.

Here’s how the results shook down.

Girls Soccer: Crossroads 4, Brentwood 1

It looked like this one was headed for a 1-1 tie with 15 minutes to go and neither team showing much life offensively. That all changed, though, in a stunning nine minute span that saw the Roadrunners strike on three separate occasions to make this one a blowout, giving Crossroads the first victory of the Spectacular.

Boys 7th Grade Basketball: Culver City 54, Crossroads 39

It was less about the poor play of Crossroads as it was the stunning offensive efficiency Culver City displayed all night—efficiency that had some basketball coaches from other schools in the stands remarking that Culver was the best seventh grade basketball team they had ever seen. The Roadrunners tried to make a run late, but every time they cut the deficit to single digits, Culver had a response.

 Girls Basketball: Culver City 28, Crossroads 22

The girls basketball team had the opposite problem of the seventh graders—they got plenty of stops defensively, but they just couldn’t put the ball in the basket with any sort of consistency. Culver didn’t fare much better, but a 5-0 run in the final four minutes for Culver proved too much for the Roadrunners to overcome.

Boys Soccer: Crossroads 5, Brentwood 2

In a similar fashion to the girls soccer team, the boys waltzed through the first half before turning up the scoring in the second. The Roadrunner scored three second-half goals after allowing the Eagles to hang around in the first, putting away the game for good. Players on both sides were affected by slick conditions, as a steady rain fell for the majority of the match.

Boys 8th Grade Basketball: Crossroads 32, Culver City 26

Though the Roadrunners let their guard down in the final four minutes, this contest was not as close as the final score indicated. Crossroads got out to a 24-12 halftime lead during a dominant first half and continued to hold Culver in check until the starters came out of the game with about five minutes to go, at which point Culver went on a run that inspired the Roadrunners to put their starters back in the game just three minutes after they thought they had exited for good. Since Middle School teams are only assigned one uniform, both Culver City and Crossroads showed up in almost identical navy blue outfits for the game—a problem that was remedied when old and current high school jerseys had to be pulled out and worn by Crossroads, giving the team an interesting two-tone look: white tops with dark blue shorts.


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