NBA Draft: By the numbers

NBA Draft: By the numbers


NBA Draft: By the numbers


From GQ attire to touching tributes to master plans coming together here's how former ALL-USA players and former elite high school stars made out by the numbers in the 2014 NBA Draft.




44: Andrew Wiggins' vertical leap in inches, one reason he was the No. 1 player chosen.

6: Number of first-round choices who rocked a bow tie when they walked up to shake Adam Silver's hand. (Wiggins, Marcus Smart, Julius Randle, Noah Vonleh, Dario Saric, Adrien Payne).

2: Number of Canadian-born No. 1 picks in a row. Last season, Anthony Bennett was the No. 1 Player taken in the NBA Draft. This season, the Canadian who went No. 1 was Wiggins, who was also born in Ontario. Another Canadian born player former ALL-USA who was drafted was Tyler Ennis.

0: The number of dry eyes during NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's tribute to Isaiah Austin, a 2012 ALL-USA third teamer. Austin, who recently discovered that he had Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic disease which ended his career, was projected as a first round pick before receiving the unfortunate news days before the draft. To help Austin fulfil his dream of being drafted, Silver announced, between the 15th and 16th picked, that the NBA was drafting Austin, called him on stage and gave him the famous handshake. Truly, well played.

4: Like father, like son. Four players taken in Thursday's NBA draft were sons of former NBA players. Wiggins is the son of Mitch Wiggins, who was drafted No. 23 in 1983. Jabari Parker is the son of Sonny Parker, who was drafted No. 17 in 1976, Glen Rice II is the son of Glen Rice, who was taken No. 4 overall in 1989 and Jerami Grant is the son of Harvey Grant, taken No. 12 overall in 1988.

13: The number of years that Julius Randle has been a diehard Los Angeles Lakers fan. Wouldn't ya know it; the Lakers scooped Randle, a 2013 ALL-USA first teamer, up with the No. 7 overall pick. Gotta respect when a plan comes together.

1: This represents T.J. Warren's ranking in the unofficial best dressed of the NBA Draft contest. The black collared shirt and gray jacket really set it off. And the red and white striped shirt? Quite spiffy indeed.

10: Number of former American Family Insurance ALL-USA players taken in the draft. This included the first four picks. Technically, there were 11 former ALL-USA players taken, thanks to the classy move by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.





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