Next McCaffrey up at Valor Christian

Next McCaffrey up at Valor Christian


Next McCaffrey up at Valor Christian


What will they do?

“I know the first thing people think is you can count Valor out of the equation,” said senior Eric Lee.

Five straight state championships for Valor Christian, the last four of which featured dominant running back Christian McCaffrey who is now at Stanford.

“I think some of the people that weren’t allowed to shine because of Christian are going to have their opportunities and we’ll be a high explosive team,” Lee told 9NEWS.

It may just be his turn. A sophomore quarterback, ready to take over the eagles offense by the name of Dylan McCaffrey. Christian’s younger brother.

“Definitely looking forward to it. I’ve kind of sat back and watched my brothers so far but now it’s my turn and I’m really excited for it,” said McCaffrey.

His dad’s a super bowl champion, his brothers are both DI football players and did nothing but win at Valor.

“Just having his last name and the expectations of Max and Christian, how dynamic they were on the football field, but they all bring different things to the game,” said Lee.

“We got a lot of leaders here,” said McCaffrey, “so I don’t exactly need to step up just yet to be a leader, we have a full team of leaders.”

A team ready to prove it is more than a super-star running back.

“We got a lot of people feeling it’s their time,” said McCaffrey.

Perhaps nobody more eager than baby brother.


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