No. 1 overall player Ben Simmons blogs about Montverde being the underdog, LSU and more

No. 1 overall player Ben Simmons blogs about Montverde being the underdog, LSU and more

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No. 1 overall player Ben Simmons blogs about Montverde being the underdog, LSU and more


Ben Simmons, the No. 1 player in the ESPN 100, played his first high school game in the U.S. in April 2013; he’s never lost since. Simmons, a 6-foot-10 combo forward who hails from Melbourne, Australia, helped Montverde (Montverde, Fla.) win back-to-back national titles and dominated the AAU scene this past summer. Simmons, an LSU commit, has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his intimate thoughts to his everyday life in a blog.



Back with another blog for you guys; this time I’m back earlier than usual.

Basketball season isn’t far off; our first game is November 21 at home and I’m excited to start playing. I know when the season starts there will be a lot going on so I’ll have a lot more cool stuff to blog about.

I’m still feeling confident that our team has what it takes to win another national title.

Me and Noah (Dickerson) are working hard in practice trying to work on everyone else’s strengths and figure out how to play with each other. It’s not like last year where we had a lot of experienced guys who are all seniors; now we have a lot of freshman and juniors on the team.

We’re just trying to teach them the way that we play at Montverde and the expectations that we have here.

I feel like everything’s been going good so far; the chemistry is getting better every day.

Honestly, I feel like people are sleeping on us a little bit. I don’t feel like people look at us as the team to beat. I definitely feel like the underdog this year; I hear it a lot from different teams and players that we’re not as strong as we have been in the past.

When we get on the court our mentality is to win, period.

It’s cool because I feel like it just makes us hungrier.

I don’t really have a specific game that I’m really looking forward to because I’m looking forward to all of them. I’m going at everybody the same way I would if I was playing LeBron.

That’s the only way I play.

Aside from that, of course I keep in touch with all my guys at LSU every week. David Patrick is my godfather so I’m always talking to him because he’s family, but I’m always checking in with my boys Jayln (Patterson) or Jarrell (Martin) too.

I cleared up all of the crazy rumors about not going to LSU or going overseas in my last blog and I think people are starting to believe the truth now, finally! Haha!

I don’t really recruit players to LSU with me because I know how tough the decision can be; I only tell them that if they come play with me they’ll have a teammate that’s gonna work hard every day.

I know my boy Eli (Thomas) visited LSU recently and I definitely feel like we’d work well together and we’ve talked about that. I think we’d be the best freshman frontcourt if he were to come.

At the same time, I know he’s got a lot of great schools coming at him so I respect his decision whatever he chooses.

My parents actually moved out here with me now. They came about a month before school and we’re all settled in now. They’re starting a new life and they came to support me and I’m really grateful for that; especially my mom’s famous steak and Caesar salad!

School is going good too!

I just did a project in my journalism class where I got to interview Coach (Kevin) Boyle and that was pretty funny. I like being on the other side asking the questions for a change. I feel like I asked Coach all the tough questions! Haha!

OK guys thanks for reading my latest blog!

I’ll be out with another one before the season starts and I’m hoping to see some of you guys at our games this season.

Take care.

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